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Calgary’s Best Ice Cream Spots

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Best Calgary Ice Cream SpotsIce cream lovers, this is for you! Always find yourself looking for the perfect stop in Calgary to grab a cone and go? Looking for the dairy free sorbet or for delicious Calgary gelato in the middle of winter?!

We have your answers with the best of the best ice cream in Calgary at your finger tips.

Amato Gelato

Amato Gelato is home to some of the best, most delicious Italian ice cream around! Choose from 72 flavours of authentic Italian gelato ice cream, and maybe shop for some delicious pastries, coffee, cakes and more while your at it. Amato Gelato truly is your one stop shop for all your Italian ice cream and dessert needs and is definiely one of the best Calgary ice cream shops!

  • Address – 2104 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, AB
  • Phone Number – 403-270-9733

Yogen Fruz

A fan favorite always and so accessible through out Calgary, and Canada. Yogen fruz has a ton of options. Personal Favorite, Non fat pro-biotic chocolate frozen yogurt with Blackberries and Lychee. A great place to go when you have a craving for something sweet!

LICS Ice Cream Shop

Located just across the street from the Bow River, LICS Ice Cream Shop is the perfect place to grab an ice cold dessert on a hot summers day. I have been going to this place since I was a kid; they have a wide variety of flavours great for the whole family – there’s even something for even the pickiest of ice cream lovers!

  • Address – 3410 3rd Avenue NW, Calgary, AB
  • Phone Number – 403-283-3578

Fiasco Gelato

Gelato on the Go!! With the opening of their upcoming Gelato Truck in the works, Fiasco Gelato seems to stay one step ahead of the rest! Tons of flavors to satisfy any palate and Ice cream sandwiches!!!

  • 4303 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number- 403.975.6040

Crepes & Cravings

With two locations in Calgary, (One on 17th Ave and the other in TD Square) Crepes and Cravings offers gelato, ice cream and sorbet. Not to mention it is hand crafted on site to create the best of the best that also allows them to pass the intense guidelines of classifying themselves as super premium ice-cream!


As always Sunterra offers a delicious display of fresh goods. They have other delicious food types as well, other than their renowned produce and meats! All year Sunterra carries a selection of about 30 flavors of Gelato and are always ready and willing to let you grab a quick sample to see if you have found your favorite flavor! Visit Sunterra for a quick fix to satisfy your gelato craving. P.S. *Sunterra also has some of the the Best Calgary Cooking Classes*

Marble Slab

Birthday cake ice cream with chunks of cookie dough?! Need i say more? Whatever creative combination you come up with they will make it happen for you. Once you have it all together and picked out they will mix it up by slamming it on the extremely famous Marble Slab!

My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe

Needless to say this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. They say good things last forever and this is one shop in Calgary that the community supports and assists in maintaining their long term presence. Always busy and full of life, they offer all the toppings and flavors of ice cream imaginable! MY personal favorite would be the Nanaimo Bar creamy and rich with chunks of deliciousness!

  • 2048 42nd Avenue SW
  • Phone Number- 403.287.3838

North East Grocery & Milky Way

One of the best bang for your buck Ice cream shops North East grocery has tons of tasty flavors and is open in the months of Summer, for that quick fix when its most needed!

  • 1104 1st Avenue NE
  • Phone Number- 403.269.2381

Mackays Ice Cream

Around for 60 years this mom and pop shop is a legend. If you haven’t had at least one person approach you raving about the ice cream in Cochrane you probably aren’t from Calgary!

  • 220 1st Street West
  • Phone Number- 403.932.2455

Best Calgary Ice Cream ShopsBest Calgary Ice Cream Spots

There’s nothing better than having a scrumptious ice-cream on a hot summers day. Even in winter, a good-old ice cream cone is very satisfying!

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Ice cream comes in many forms, including delicious desserts. Our Best Calgary Desserts article will surely give you insight into where to get some more tasty treats around town.

Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon for more best Calgary restaurants and food topics!

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