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Canada Named 2nd Best Country in the World (2017)

Canada Named 2nd Best by U.S. News & World Report (2017)

How does Canada stack up against nations of the world? According to Best Countries 2017 by U.S. News, our nation ranks the second best in the world – for the second year in a row!

Canada best countries 2017 US News infographic

More than 21,000 business leaders, citizens and informed elites were surveyed to determine how nations are perceived globally, making up the bulk of data used in the report. It’s only the second year where U.S. News has published the in-depth study.

Top 10 Best Countries in the World 2017

  • #1 – SwitzerlandNation of Canada
  • #2 – Canada
  • #3 – United Kingdom
  • #4 – Germany
  • #5 – Japan
  • #6 – Sweden
  • #7 – United States
  • #8 – Australia
  • #9 – France
  • #10 – Norway

Canada’s Quick Facts

  • Region – North America
  • Capital – Ottawa
  • Population – 35,381,774
  • Area – 9,984,670 sq. km
  • GDP – $1.8 trillion
  • GDP Per Capita – $45,602

Category Rankings

  • Overall score – 9.7Canada Economy Chart Ipad
  • Adventure – 4.1
  • Citizenship – 9.6
  • Cultural Influence – 4.9
  • Entrepreneurship – 8.4
  • Heritage – 2.5
  • Movers – 3.1
  • Open for Business – 8.5
  • Power – 4.2
  • Quality of Life – 10


How does U.S. News determine just which countries are the best in the world? A total of 65 characteristics – indicators that can be used to determine the success of a nation and describe its nature – are used in a mass survey.

As mentioned above, more than 21,000 people around the world participated and were asked to rank the 80 participating nations for each indicator. The selection of participants was from a broad spectrum, giving a relatively accurate representation of the global population.

Each category isn’t equally weighted, however. See below:I love Canada

  • Adventure – 3.24% – friendly, fun, climate, scenic, sexy
  • Citizenship – 16.95% – human rights, environment, gender equality, progressive, religious freedom, property rights, trustworthy, well-distributed political power
  • Cultural Influence – 12.93% – cultural significance in entertainment, fashionable, happy, influential culture, modern, prestigious, trendy
  • Entrepreneurship – 17.42% – world connections, level of education, entrepreneurial, innovation, access to capital, skill in work force, technological skills, transparency in business, infrastructure, well-developed laws and regulations
  • Heritage – 3.17% – culturally accessible, nations history, quality of food, cultural attractions
  • Movers – 10.00% – different, distinctive, dynamic, unique
  • Open for Business – 11.99% – bureaucratic, manufacturing costs, corruption, tax environment, government transparency
  • Power – 7.42% – leadership, economic influence, political influence, strength of alliances and military
  • Quality of life – 16.89% – job market, affordability of living, economic stability, family-friendly, income equality, politically stable, safety, quality of public education and health systems

A countries overall score reflects its overall ranking in each category as they were scaled to make the total out of 100. This makes the findings of the report much easier to interpret.

I Love Canada

Way to go Canada! I am a proud to be born and raised in the second best country in the world, and am grateful with the opportunities and freedoms that come with it! See other Canada-Related Articles from Best Calgary Homes today.

i love canada

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