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Canada Ranks #1 for Best Quality of Life in the World (2018)

U.S. News & Reports: Canada #1 for Quality of Life!

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Alongside placing 2nd on the U.S. News and World Reports list of Best Countries in the World, Canada was also named the number one country in the sub-ranking for Quality of Life! – (see other sub-rankings at bottom)

Top 10 Countries w/ the Best Quality of Life (2018)

#1 – Canada

#2 – Denmark

#3 – Sweden

#4 – Norway

#5 – Australia

#6 – Switzerland

#7 – Finland

#8 – Netherlands

#9 – New Zealand

#10 – Germany

Report’s MethodologyNation of Canada

A total of 80 different countries were examined across 75 different metrics to determine the rankings for the Best Countries list.

Roughly 21,100 individuals from 36 different world countries across 4 main regions – Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa and Europe – were surveyed, a majority of whom were informed elites and business decision-makers.

Despite the type of respondent or participant type, every individual response was weighted equally in the results of the report.

The Quality of Life score was determined from a set of nine metrics and had a 17 percent weight on the total score for Best Countries.

Canada’s Quality of Life Score

Canada scored top marks in the Quality of Life sub-category, which used the following metrics (along with Canada’s score):

Economic stability – 9.8/10.0

Quality of job market – 10.0/10.0

Affordability – 1.0/10.0

Safety – 10.0/10.0

Political stability – 10.0/10.0

Family-friendly – 8.9/10.0

Quality of public health system – 9.9/10.0

Quality of public education system – 9.9/10.0

Income equality – 6.2/10.0

Overall score – 10.0/10.0

Canada’s Other 2018 World Rankings

Apart from the Best Countries of 2018, Canada scored high in several other sub-rankings much like that for Quality of Life. Those include:

#2 – Most Transparent Countries

#2 – Best Countries to Headquarter a Corporation

#3 – Best Countries for Education

#5 – Best Countries for Raising Kids

#6 – Best Countries for Women

#6 – Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement

#8 – Best Countries to Start a Business

#9 – Best Countries for Green Living

#10 – Most Forward-Looking Countries

#11 – Best Countries to Travel Alone

#11 – Most Influential Countries

#50 – Best Countries to Study Abroad

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