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Canada: By the Numbers

  • July 19, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

Canada Statistics: By the Numbers

Everyone knows Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world. At 9,984,670 square kilometres, it's second in size to only Russia, a country which accounts for approximately 11 percent of all land in the world.

i love canada

But what about other cool number-related facts to do with Canada? We've compiled a list of many more sourced from the most recent years as possible:

Oh, Canada...


Worlds 2nd largest country by area

Worlds 37th largest population by country

Worlds 3rd largest proven oil reserves

Worlds 6th largest oil producer

Worlds 4th largest oil exporter

Worlds 3rd largest natural gas exporter

Worlds 5th largest natural gas producer

Stanley Park in Vancouver Canada

Worlds 10th largest coal producer

Worlds 3rd largest renewable water resources

Worlds 2nd largest uranium producer

Worlds 2nd largest mixed grains, barley and oat producer

Worlds 2nd largest producer of hydro electricity

Worlds largest producer of potash

Worlds largest producer of peas

Canada statistics by the numbers

Worlds largest producer of canola

Worlds largest producer of lentils

Worlds largest producer of mustard seed

Worlds largest producer of flax seed

Worlds 5th largest producer of wheat

Worlds 7th largest producer of soybeans

Is home to 75% of the worlds mining companies

Canada by the numbers - coast of Newfoundland, Canada

Has the worlds 18th highest life expectancy rate - 81.76 years

Shares the worlds longest undefended border - 8.891 million metres

229th out of 240 Countries for lowest Population Density

Has 106 embassies world wide

Receives 35 million tourists every year

Home to 8 of the world top 200 Universities

Has about 92,000 foreign students

I love Canada Calgaryism

Has 202,080 km (125,566 miles) of coastline, the longest in the world

Trans Canada Highway is the longest point to point highway in the world at 7,821km (4,860 miles)

6 different time zones from east to west coast

Turned 150 years old in 2017

Has 5,162 cities, towns, villages, hamlets

Has approximately 2 million lakes

Has 318 billion trees

*Sources: Statistics Canada, Z/Yen Group, Government of Canada, Conference Board of Canada, Investing News Network, Economist,

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