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Conti’s Shoe Repair: Hidden Gem in NE Calgary

Conti’s Shoe Repair: Calgary Hidden Gemsconti's shoe repair hidden gems in calgary alberta

It’s exciting to explore new restaurants, shops and services that would be considered “hidden gems” in Calgary. In anyone’s right mind, Conti’s Shoe Repair fits the exact definition of such: something or someplace which is outstanding and not well known.

Located on the corner of 20th Avenue and Edmonton Trail northeast, Conti’s is a family owned and operated business by the Conti family, or I should say Mr. Conti.

Focusing on shoe repairs but also providing a variety of leather repair services, there’s not much that Mr. Conti won’t be able to help you fix up and have looking / feeling new in no time.

Been At It Since 1982…hidden gems yyc conti's shoe repair

That’s because Mr. Conti has also been doing it for longer than many of us have been alive! Since 1982 he’s been repairing shoes, fixing leather and selling an assortment of maintenance and leather goods, including:

  • Biker chaps and vests
  • Transitional sunglasses
  • Leather care products
  • Shoe soles and orthotics
  • Shoe laces

Repair Your Shoes Instead…

Many people nowadays think about buying a new pair of shoes once their old ones have worn or been destroyed for whatever reason. It could have been the dog, a night out at the club, or perhaps some rugged terrain on a hike that was the cause.

Thankfully, hidden gems like Conti’s Shoe Repair are still around to provide old-world services that can save you tens, if not hundreds of dollars. Such services are often overlooked by many people nowadays.

You also may have a favourite pair of shoes that you just can’t let go of. Conti’s can help you repair the sole, fix up the leather and have them looking almost new for a very reasonable price!

Recently Renovatedi love calgary join us social media

Conti’s Shoe Repair recently underwent a full renovation. Inside is now much more well-kept, modern and organized for customers.

Along the walls you’ll find shoe and leather accessories including maintenance and care products. There’s also an assortment of soles for you to choose from if it’s time for a much-needed sole repair.

Whether it’s a pair of work boots, office loafers, high-heels or perhaps biker chaps, Conti’s Shoe Repair has got you covered. We’re sure you’ll find Mr. Conti to be a pleasure to do business with also.

Check out this hidden gem in the northwest of Calgary the next time you’re in need of shoe / leather repair services. We know you’ll be pleased with the results!

Conti’s Shoe Repair

  • Address – 2101 Edmonton Trail NE
  • Phone Number – 403-276-4689

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