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Even 3 More Reasons to Buy a New Home in Calgary

Even 3 More Reasons to Consider Buying a New Home in Calgary

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There’s several reasons as to why you should seriously consider buying a new construction home in Calgary versus resale. Here are a few more in addition to the previous six reasons we’ve discussed – see reasons #1 through to #6 below:

#7 – Repair-freeCalgary home maintenance guide for sellers

With a new home purchase comes new plumbing, heating and air systems, not to mention a full set of appliances that have never been touched. There’s a big financial benefit to this as you wont have to spend much money (and time) on maintaining these – except for maybe an air furnace filter here and there.

As a matter of fact, its likely that you’ll be repair free for at least a few years, and if something does break down, it’s probably going to be covered by warranty and will cost you nothing to replace.

This concept extends to the exterior of the home where you’ll find vinyl-wrapped windows, trim, railings and other composite materials used in construction that will stand the test of time much better than their older, less technologically advanced counterparts.

#8 – Convenient technologieswhy buy a new home in calgary alberta

With a new home purchase comes new home technologies that can make life convenient to say the least.

Smart thermostats, for example, learn from your behaviours, allow you to manually control your home’s climate via remote, display energy consumption statistics and will even adjust themselves based on ambient conditions such as a drop or increase in humidity.

Smart locks are another fairly new technology included in many new homes that allow owners to lock doors remotely (usually from a control panel in the master bedroom) and gain access without keys by entering a code on the keypad.

A much more minor convenience (but still awesome in their own respect) are automatic light switches that turn on when entering a room as well as fans that can be set to run for a given time after leaving (great for the bathroom).

Let’s not forget about those useful USB ports built into counter power outlets around the house that provide convenient plug-ins for your smartphone and other devices of the sort. Here’s 5 Things to Consider when Buying a New Home in Calgary.

#9 – Master-planned communityCurrie Barracks inner city Calgary community stone pillar

New neighbourhood developers always include a full list of appealing features in their master plan such as:

  • a central amenity complex where you’ll typically find food and drink plus a grocery store, financial institution, professional services and other important day-to-day retail
  • pathway system through park areas connecting different phases of development, making it easy to get around the neighbourhood
  • community centre where various activities and programs are run year round for children and adults alike, also giving residents the opportunity to engage with each other and create new relationships

You’ll want to find out just exactly what features will be included in your neighbourhood of choice if considering a new home purchase. These are just a few of the possibilities.

There are currently a ton of options for home buyers to choose from in Calgary’s new home market. Make sure to take your time, weigh out all your options and consider using an experienced buyers’ agent who will help you navigate the new home market as successfully as possible.

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