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10 Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips for Parents

Make Sure Your Trick-or-Treating Goes Smoothly!top 10 halloween events in calgary alberta infographic

I remember the days of my youth when I would look forward to trick-or-treating almost as much as I did Christmas and my birthday.

Life was worry free, and all I would focus on was trying to remember which house gave out the largest chocolate bars and my favourite candies from the year before, often with much success!

What I never realized until my coming of age was how much time and effort my parents put into making my trick-or-treating as safe and as much fun as possible.

For all those parents looking to have another year of fun and safe trick or treating in Calgary, here are a couple friendly tips to make it a good one for everyone!

#1 – Have Supervision

First and foremost, all of those young goblins and princesses need an older, more experienced and responsible troll or king to accompany them along the way. That could be yourself, or a teenager who you feel comfortable with letting your kids roam about with around the neighbourhood.

#2 – Wear Proper Gear

Equip yourself and the young ones with gripped footwear, especially if it has snowed or is snowing. There’s nothing more that can dampen a trick-or-treating experience than a nasty slip on some black ice. Take my word for it! One of my youthful trick-or-treating experiences was ruined after slipping and bracing my fall with my wrist / shoulder as I rushed in between houses.

#3 – Bring a Flash Light

Bring along a flashlight so you can see where you are going. It can get surprisingly dark out in those yards and walkways, and if there is ice you will definitely want to try and avoid it. A flashlight will also make your night scare proof from children jumping out from bushes and around corners – for the most part anyway.

#4 – Visit Welcoming Houses Only

Where ever you decide to trick-or-treat on Halloween, only visit houses where it is apparent that you are welcome. If the porch light isn’t on and there’s no Halloween decor, chances are there will be no candy for the kids.

#5 – Be Cautious on StreetsHalloween Happy Pumpkin

Try to avoid walking down any streets. Use the sidewalks as much as possible when walking from door to door and also attempt to use the walkways. If you can help it, prevent the kids from cutting across front lawns if possible just out of respect for the private property of our neighbours!

#6 – Cross Streets and Walkways Mask-Free

If you have to cross the street, ask everyone to take off any masks that might obstruct their vision. It never hurts to be safe and see exactly where it is that you are going!

#7 – Consider Using Glowsticks

Motor vehicles are a huge hazard when trick-or-treating, therefore increasing your visiblity to drivers is a good way to make sure that you are seen in the dark. Consider picking up some dollar glowsticks from your local dollar store or Walmart and attaching them to costumes. It’s really easy!

#8 – Never Enter a Strangers’ Home

Unless you know someone personally, there’s never a reason for you to enter someone’s home! If they ask, just tell them that you would prefer to have your treats dished out to you at the door instead.

#9 – Keep Communication Up

Make sure everyone is on the same boat when it comes to communicating and knowing where to go next. This will help keep your group safe from hazards such as cars as well.

#10 – Check the Candy AfterwardsHalloween-Trick-or-Treaters

After the young goblins and princesses are done trick-or-treating, do a thorough check of their candy. Any unwrapped articles should be thrown away, and any packages with tears or holes also should be. You just never know – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Happy Halloween!

I hope that your Halloween is a fun and safe one! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions. Until next time, be sure to check some of the Best in Calgary today!

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