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Is Relocating to Calgary The Right Move?

Is Relocating to Calgary the Right Move For You?Moving to Calgary

Several occurrences in life can lead us to relocating to another city, province or entire country for that matter. It could be tough economic conditions, a lack of employment opportunities or perhaps the desire to be closer to family and friends.

Whatever the reason, it’s important we ask ourselves if relocating to Calgary is the right choice and will be in our best interests now and in the future. Because moving isn’t always easy; it is quite an involved process that takes time, money and sometimes an arm and a leg to get it done on time and for the least cost possible.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself when considering if relocating to Calgary is the right move for you.

  • If I am looking to buy, how will the timing work out when it comes to selling my current home and purchasing a new one?
  • How much is the move going to cost me? This includes things like transportation, movers, insurance and other associated fees.
  • If I do move, will I have a quality of life similar to that I have now or will it be better?
  • If a new job is the reason why I am relocating, is the company who is hiring me financially stable and has a positive future outlook?
  • Also, if I do have a new job offer, is it practical for me to postpone the move and travel back and forth for a little while to see how it is before making a final decision to relocate (or not).
  • Will my income allow me to afford the cost of living in Calgary?

Some of these questions could quite possibly be answered at our Complete Guide to Moving to Calgary, Alberta. Check it out!

The CompanyDowntown Calgary Skyline inner city homes

It is important for those who have new job offers to research a company’s track record thoroughly. Career stability is crucial, although sometimes the length of such an opportunity can be undetermined.

If you still have questions about the company you’re laying roots with, try using an online search engine such as Google to find out about the company profile, future outlook, financial data, employee reviews and any other possible information there may be available.

What you find may just reinforce your desire to work with that company, or perhaps, make you rethink your decision all together. Also, consider if you will enjoy Calgary even if the new job doesn’t work out six, twelve, or twenty months down the road.

Moving CostsCanadian Cash and Calculator

Relocating to Calgary could cost you thousands, so it’s crucial you know exactly how much you’ll be making when you arrive. You may even have the chance to have your new employer cover some of the moving costs, although you’ll never know until you ask.

There may be the opportunity for you to claim some of your moving expenses on your income tax statement. Be sure to check out the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information on deductibles.

A New City relocating to calgary alberta guide

It is a good idea to travel to Calgary before moving all together. Having some level of familiarity with the city, even if it be a small bit, is a great stress reducer especially on the other end of the move.

However, if you find that this just isn’t possible, it is best to get in touch with a Calgary Relocation Specialist, someone who knows the city inside and out and can help you accomplish your moving goals.

For those who plan on renting, there are also some realtors who specialize in helping people acquire the right rental property for them.

I Love CalgaryI Love Calgary Alberta

At the end of the day, we all have our own reasons for relocating to Calgary. All we can do is hope for the best, put in the work necessary and hope that we find a better way in a city named the Best Place to Live in Canada 2013 and the 5th Most Livable City in the World from four years in a row.

The opportunity is there and all you may have to do is just reach out and grab it!

More Tips for Relocating to Calgary

Questions about Moving?

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