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Calgary Home Selling Tips: Getting Your Home Show Ready

  • August 11, 2018
  • By Cody Battershill

8 Simple Tips to Getting Your Home Show ReadyCalgary home selling tips

The staging is finished, the home shows great and now it is time to show it off. What's next? To sell your home for the most amount of money you can - of course!

The excitement can be overwhelming once you're show ready, and it can be easy to overlook small details that come together to contribute largely to the impression your home gives to potential buyers.

There's some definitive elements of the staging / showing process that you'll want to make sure are 100% covered and done to the best of your ability.

Here are some home sellers tips to help maximize your homes market value and create the most appeal as possible for viewers.

#1 - Turn on those lightsCalgary Luxury Estate Home

Day or night, it's a must that you turn on all lights in anticipation of any viewing set up by your real estate agent!

Look at the picture in this section as an example and think about how this house would look without all those lights on!

Turning on all the lights allows potential buyers to see your home in its best lighting - as bright as possible - and also doesn't cause distractions while searching for light switches.

Assume that a potential buyer or their real estate agent might not even bother to turn on any lights during a showing, meaning that your home is not showing its best when you are not around.

#2 - Get rid of smells

Home sellers beware of foul smells that will turn off potential buyers in an instant while viewing your home!

There shouldn't be any smells at all whatsoever as a viewer walks through your place, unless they are mild and pleasant like that of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Some people may be allergic to perfumes, air fresheners or other scents, so you'll want to consider neutralizing any smells all together.

Examples of smells to get rid of before a viewing:

  • spices
  • cooking
  • animals
  • cigarettes
  • garbage

#3 - Remove pets if possibleRelocating to Calgary Moving to Calgary with pets

If you can, remove your dogs, cats and any other pets you have from the home before a viewing takes place!

This will help eliminate any distractions they may cause while also removing any conflict with a buyers allergies and / or personal preferences.

This also plays into smells as cat litter, for example, can smell fine one moment then unpleasant the next after a breeze picks up in the room.

#4 - Clear your walkways

This is a big part of your homes first impression. If you have taken the time to shovel your driveway and walkways during winter, then you are most likely a caring and responsible home owner.

During summer, make sure they are clear and free of clutter both inside and outside the home. This is at least the logical flow for some potential buyers.

You also don't have to worry about someone slipping and falling. There will also be a mess inside the front foyer area from people treading in and out.

#5 - Clean until its spotlessEvolution Condos interior in Calgary

Make sure your home is always clean and tidy. The cleaner it is, the better off you are for home showings at any given time.

Sometimes showings can be booked between real estate agents with less than an hour notice for the owners!

Try getting into the habit of cleaning up before you leave for the day so you don't get stressed if there is a showing on short notice, as there most often is with the crazy business of daily life.

#6 - Ask your real estate agent about music

This can be a positive or a negative. It is important to pick the right music and make sure it is at the right volume.

I would recommend going quieter than louder, even if that means that it is barely audible.

Classical music is usually a popular choice for the job, or another genre that is as neutral as possible.

#7 - External first impressionsCalgary inner city home buyers guide to fencing and landscaping

Make sure your yard is tidy and kept to a reasonable standard for the season spring, summer, fall or winter. Learn more at our Calgary Home Selling Tips for the Seasons.

Minimize any and all disruptions so the buyers can vision themselves enjoying your deck, yard and the home in general.

This also plays into first impressions when buyers approach your property and make a small judgement at a first glance. It could be the deciding factor on an offer or not!

#8 - Reconsider furniture placing

Just because you think the couch looks good there doesn't mean that everyone will.

Ask your real estate agent about how he / she would recommend setting up your furniture to allow for flow in the home.

Making a few quick changes like moving the couch so that the living room opens up and feels less congested is just one of several things you can do to help your home show better.

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