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What are the Benefits of Living in a Townhome? Ask a REALTOR®

  • May 7, 2019
  • By Cody Battershill

7 Benefits of Living in a TownhomeCalgary Townhomes for sale

There's quite a few benefits to living in a townhome versus a single-family or condominium. If you live in an urban area and are a potential buyer, chance is there's a wide variety of homes for you to choose from. So why choose to buy a townhome over the other two?

Some might prefer the space of a single-family home, or perhaps the lock-and-leave lifestyle offered by apartment style condominiums. But in the middle of these two property types are townhouses, which is essentially a nice balance between the two.

Townhomes are a great alternative to a more expensive single-family home, while also providing some of the benefits of condo living. But wait, there's lots more!

Here's several benefits to living in a townhome versus a single-family or condominium. Let us know why you would choose to live in a townhome below and we'll add it to our list!

#1 - No neighbours above or below youCalgary condo guide noisy neighbours

Most townhomes are built without units above or below. This means that you'll have no neighbours up or down, just to the left and right (unless you have a corner unit).

If you've ever lived in a condo or stacked townhome below someone else, chances are you know what its like hearing footsteps at all hours of the day. It's not the most pleasant or peaceful experience, especially when the neighbours have pets or young children running around at all hours of the day - and night.

In some instances, like at Noble in the University District, you'll see a stacked townhouse configuration where there's condos above or below, but not often.

If you're concerned about buying a stacked townhome with someone above or below you, ask the seller or developer (if new) to test out the sound barrage between floors just to be sure.

#2 - Increased security by proximity

Added security is for sure one of the benefits of townhome living. It goes hand-in-hand with the higher density that townhome complexes have. In some instances, this "closeness" also helps to create a sense of community between neighbours.

Having more eyes and ears around can always help increase your home's security. If something does happen and you're not home, it’s likely to not go unnoticed by one of your neighbours.

This also acts as a deterrent to criminals who may find breaking into a single-family home on a large lot has less risk of being caught in the act.

#3 - Maintenance-free lifestyleCalgary inner city home buyers guide to fencing and landscaping

Townhomes are typically smaller than most single-family homes, meaning there's less cleaning to do.

Say you have a 1,200 square foot townhome; it might take you two to four hours to clean it from top to bottom. A house twice the size would take all day!

A maintenance-free lifestyle without too much cleaning and no yardwork is desired by many living in the fast-paced lifestyle of today.

If you're living in a townhouse with condo fees that cover landscaping and maintenance, then you won't have to do that either. Just make sure you find out. Knowing what townhome fees cover before deciding on whether to buy is important to say the least.

#4 - Best of both worlds

Another benefit of townhome living is the fact that there's multiple floors, like you would find in a single-family home.

Different floors help separate spaces to be used for different things. For example, sleeping upstairs instead of on a single-level unit like in a condo gives added comfort and security for many.

Let's not forget that despite multi-floors, a townhouse space is typically smaller than most single-family homes, meaning less cleaning and maintenance. It really is the best of both worlds when living in a townhouse!

#5 - Parking inside or closer to homeCalgary Condo Guide to Parking

Most condos have parking in underground parkades or in some instances outside on the street. This can make for a long walk to home, which feels so much longer when you got several bags of groceries to bring with you.

The nice thing about most townhouses being built today is that they either have garages or parking directly adjacent to the home itself.

This is a small, but necessary convenience that makes life that much more comfortable. Then and again, you might not burn as many calories every day you come back from shopping with bags in hand, but who'll notice anyways?

Parking inside or closer to home also means you leave quicker, just another small but added convenience of living in a townhome.

#6 - Townhomes are more affordable

In most instances, anyways. A townhome compared to a single-family property in the same neighbourhood should almost always cost less.

In suburban Calgary communities, townhouses can be an affordable option when you don’t want an apartment style condo and aren't quite ready for a detached or attached home.

In the inner city, buying a townhome can get you the location you want at a reduced or more affordable price compared to brand new or infill home construction.

With more and more home buyers considering the affordability of a property as a key factor in buying or not, townhomes offer the perfect alternative to their more expensive single-family counterparts.

#7 - Some Townhomes Don't Have Condo Feesnew calgary townhomes nolan park cardel lifestyles

The townhome without condo fees is a hot commodity on today's market. Some buyers look for all the benefits of townhome living without the condo fees, and developers are starting to provide that type of product.

If you're on board with this type of townhouse, perform a simple, localized Google search for "no condo fee townhomes in ______" - the results should speak for themselves.

Just remember, no condo fees means you'll be performing landscaping and maintenance required outside of the home by yourself. Or maybe you'll convince your significant other to do it for you. Whatever works!

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