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What Are the Benefits of Townhouses? Ask a REALTOR®

  • September 30, 2023
  • By Cody Battershill

top benefits of townhouses

Top 10 Benefits of Buying a Townhome

Living in a townhome has many benefits compared to its single-family and condominium counterparts. If you live in an urban area and are a potential buyer, chances are there is a wide variety of homes for you to choose from; so why choose to buy a townhome over the other two?

Townhomes are a great alternative to a more expensive single-family home, while providing some of the benefits of condo living. But wait, there's lots more! Here are several benefits to living in a townhome versus a single-family or condominium. Also see:

Best Benefits of Townhomes:

  1. No neighbours above or below you
  2. Enhanced security by proximity
  3. Maintenance-free lifestyle
  4. Best of condos and detached properties
  5. Parking inside or closer to home than a condo
  6. Typically more affordable
  7. Some don't have monthly condo fees
  8. Offer compact and efficient space
  9. Can be a good investment
  10. Are Environmentally conscious

#1 - No neighbours above or below youCalgary condo guide noisy neighbours

Most townhomes are built without residential units above or below, which means you'll have no neighbours up or down, just to the left and right (unless you have a corner unit).

If you've ever lived in a condo or stacked townhome below someone else, you know what it's like hearing footsteps at all hours of the day. It's not the most pleasant or peaceful experience, especially when the neighbours have pets or young children.

In some instances, like at Noble in the University District or Marlo in Marda Loop, you'll see a stacked townhouse configuration with condos above or below, but this doesn't happen often.

If you're concerned about buying a stacked townhome with someone above or below you, ask the seller or developer to test out the sound barrage between floors to ensure you're comfortable with what kind of noise level could come from a stacked configuration.

#2 - Increased security by proximity

Added security is one of the benefits of townhome living, going hand-in-hand with the higher density of townhome complexes. In some instances, this "closeness" also helps to create a sense of community between neighbours.

Having more eyes and ears around can always help increase your home's security. If something does happen and you're not home, it's likely to not go unnoticed by one of your neighbours. This is a deterrent to criminals who may find that breaking into a single-family home on a large lot has less risk of being caught.

Townhouse complexes also often have security features such as guarded gates and security systems, adding to the premise's security all around.

#3 - Maintenance-free lifestyleCalgary inner city home buyers guide to fencing and landscaping

Townhomes are typically smaller than most single-family homes, meaning there's less cleaning. Say you have a 1,200-square-foot townhome; it might take you two to four hours to clean it from top to bottom.

A house twice the size would take all day!

A maintenance-free lifestyle without too much cleaning and zero yard work is desired by many living today's fast-paced lifestyle. If you're in a townhouse with condo fees covering landscaping and maintenance, you won't have to do that either. Just make sure you find out.

Knowing what townhome fees cover before deciding on whether to buy is essential. Also, knowing the condo fees per square foot will help you compare apples-by-apples with other potential townhouses on your "potential buy" list.

#4 - Best of both worlds

Another benefit of townhome living is the fact that there's multiple floors, like you would find in a single-family home.

Different floors help separate spaces to be used for different things. For example, sleeping upstairs instead of on a single-level unit like in a condo gives added comfort and security for many homeowners.

Let's not forget that despite multi-floors, a townhouse space is typically smaller than most single-family homes, meaning less cleaning and maintenance. It really is the best of both worlds when living in a townhouse!

#5 - Parking inside or closer to homeCalgary Condo Guide to Parking

Most condos have parking in underground parkades or in some instances on the street. This can make for a tiring walk home, which feels so much longer when you got a few heavy bags of groceries to bring with you.

The nice thing about most townhouses being built today is that they either have garages or parking directly adjacent to the home itself. This is a small, but necessary convenience that makes life that much more comfortable.

Parking inside or closer to home also means you leave quicker, just another small but added convenience of living in a townhome.

#6 - Townhomes are more affordable

In most instances, anyways. A townhome compared to a single-family property in the same neighbourhood should almost always cost less per square foot because of the shared builder costs associated with its construction concurrently with adjacent units.

In suburban communities, townhouses can be an affordable option when you don't want an apartment style condo and aren't quite ready for a detached or attached home. In the inner city, buying a townhome can get you the location you want at a reduced or more affordable price compared to a detached or semi-detached residence.

With more and more home buyers considering affordability as a key factor their next real estate purchase, townhomes offer the perfect alternative to more expensive single-family counterparts.

#7 - Some Townhomes Don't Have Condo Feesnew calgary townhomes nolan park cardel lifestyles

Townhomes without condo fees are a hot commodity on today's market. Some buyers look for all the benefits of townhome living without the condo fees, and developers are starting to provide this type of product in several areas around the city.

If you're on board with this type of townhouse, perform a simple, localized Google search for "no condo fee townhomes in ______" - the results should speak for themselves.

Just remember, no condo fees mean you'll be performing landscaping and maintenance required outside of the home on your own.

#8 – Townhomes offer compact and efficient space

Many families are now opting for smaller, more compact spaces versus moving into a larger detached property for a number of reasons, including less cleaning and less maintenance.

I mean, who wants to do outdoor yard maintenance when you could be spending that valuable time with your loved ones and family, or working hard to get ahead?

Finding a townhome with just as much space as you need also helps reduce costs associated with property taxes over the long-haul. And, because they are typically more affordable than their single-family counterparts, your monthly mortgage payment will also be lower.

If you need three bedrooms – one for you and your significant other, and two for two children – but are on a budget and want to reduce time spent cleaning and maintaining your home, then townhomes are a great option.

#9 – Townhouses can be a good investmentSeton 112 townhomes for sale by Rohit Communities

Given their cost-effectiveness compared to single-family homes, townhouses typically represent a practical investment for first-time home buyers. The reduced maintenance and repair responsibilities that come along with a townhouse add to their overall appeal.

Additionally, because of their lower price point, paying these properties off and transitioning them into a rental unit becomes more attainable for homeowners over the long-term.

In short, these smaller properties could be huge income generators down the road, adding not only a secondary income but also to your lending power, which may prove beneficial if your and investment-savvy person with other ideas on the table.

#10 – Townhomes are environmentally conscious

Townhouses offer an environmentally friendly housing option for environmentally conscious home buyers. Key factors include:

Shared walls - townhouses typically share one or two walls with adjoining units. This shared-wall structure reduces the amount of heat loss in winter and cool air loss in the summer, improving energy efficiency and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the dwelling.

Smaller footprint – townhouses typically have less of a footprint than detached houses, leading to a reduced usage of construction materials. The streamlined and efficient design of townhouses often results in less wasted space and lower energy consumption for heating, cooling, and lighting compared to larger, standalone houses.

Sustainability – Townhomes offer higher-density living, which can support more sustainable forms of transport such as walking, cycling, or public transit, reducing reliance on individual vehicle use and associated carbon emissions. This type of land use can also minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem by using less space for construction, leaving more area for natural settings and green spaces.

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