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New at Mount Royal University: Conservatory and Bella Concert Hall

New Entertainment Venue in the SW at Mount Royal University!Mount Royal Conservatory Bella Concert Hall Concept Drawing

Mount Royal University (MRU), Calgary’s second largest post-secondary institution with approximately 12,000 students, will soon be opening the doors to a brand new conservatory and concert hall at its campus in Lincoln Park.

As one of the first new performing arts centres to be built in Calgary in almost 30 years, the project will be a focal point at MRU providing students with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and the public with a world-class entertainment venue capable of hosting small to mid-sized performances of all types.

The building houses rehearsal studios, instructional spaces and a dedicated space for the Early Childhood music programs as well as a much needed concert hall (about 800 seats) which can be used for campus events and by the community for their own bookings.

When finished, without a doubt it will become one of the newest Calgary landmarks there is.

SpecificationsI love Calgary Alberta

  • $73 million dollar price tag
  • Ground-breaking commenced on April 26th, 2011
  • Estimated completion in 2015
  • 92,000 square feet
  • 800 seat concert hall
  • Six rehearsal rooms
  • 51 studios

3 Reasons to Visit the MRU Conservatory and Bella Concert Hall

1 – Support your local community

Whether you like opera, ballet, dancing, dramas or perhaps live bands, it will all be found at this exciting new facility at MRU. Why not enjoy what you love and support your local community / university while you’re at it?

2 – That new smell

There’s nothing quite like that brand new smell that comes with brand new things such as cars, houses, and even 92,000 square foot entertainment venues too. I guess you could say that the new smell lets you know that everything is new and clean and that theatre seats should be exceptionally comfy.

3 – Pure Fun

The new Mount Royal University Conservatory and Bella Concert Hall is the only facility of its kind in Calgary, providing the perfect venue for small to mid-sized performances of all types. This place is where the fun will begin for many on a weekend night and what better way to do it than to be entertained by one of your favourite genres or some other type of live entertainment you just love.

More than a Century Ago…Calgary Landmarks Mount Royal University

For more than 100 years, the Mount Royal Conservatory has served as an incubator for musical excellence, launching the careers of some Calgarians who are known worldwide. It has played an integral role in the development of arts in our community teaching over 4,000 students every year.

On an annual basis, the 300-seat existing Mount Royal Conservatory welcomes tens of thousands of people to various special events such as festivals and concerts. With another 400 to 500 seats thrown into the mix at the new Mount Royal University Conservatory and Bella Concert Hall, there will only be more room for even bigger events year round. Learn more about MRU at Calgary Landmarks – Mount Royal University today.

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