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Moving to Calgary Relocation Guide

Moving to Calgary Relocation Guide

moving to calgary relocation guideA decision to move to an entirely different city is a important and big decision. Relocation to Calgary for an individual(s) could be for a number of different reasons. Was it because of a new job opportunity or perhaps a desire to live in a safer, more community oriented city like Calgary?

Whatever the reason, there can be some time consuming and potentially stressful aspects with relocating such as time constraints, moving, transportation and settling down in your new home, not to mention dealing with work, family and leaving what you know for something new. In my quest to be Calgary’s ambassador and welcome you to your new city here are some tips that could help you in your relocation to “The Heart of The New West”.

Planning the Physical Move

First of all, researching a moving company that has good public reviews on a website such as Google for example will go a long ways in making the physical moving and transportation of your property a stress free endeavor. Finding a moving company who will look after every detail of the relocation is a must. To be on time with deadlines, moving your property unscathed and having proper insurance in case of damage occurring need to be agreed upon before hiring movers. Also, having an obligation-free quote will help you to properly budget your move so that there aren’t any hidden expenses when it comes to payment time. Make sure to inspect your property upon delivery, taking photographs of any suspected damage and presenting the photographs to the company representative. If you have done your homework right on getting the right moving company for you, this shouldn’t be the case.

Where to Live?

Second of all, look up information about some amenities and services near your new Calgary home. Facilities such as schools, medical centres, recreational parks, leisure centres, strip malls; they all will contribute to helping you settle down faster and help in familiarizing yourself with the surrounding area. An amazing resource that will help you do this is Calgaryism. Calgaryism is this very blog specifically for Cow Town that talks about a wide variety of places to go and things to do in the city. Join Calgaryism on Facebook a few months before your planned relocation to aid with settling in before you even arrive! Calgary is a fantastic place to live that has endless opportunities for everyone. Learn more about quick possession homes and building a home in your new city!

Get the Best Local Advice

Relocation to another city can be an intimidating task. With proper research and the right Calgary Realtor, it doesn’t have to be. Calgaryism is a fast-growing Calgary specific community on Facebook currently with 7,000 plus members! Check out some of the things the locals do in Calgary, or where the good dining spots are now! Plus not to mention there are almost 2000 photos of Calgary and counting. After reading all that, if you have second guessed your decision to move to Calgary even for a milisecond you need to read the following 2 Articles:

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If you have any questions or concerns about real estate and relocation to the city, I am more than happy to assist you in any way that I can! Reach me direct at 403-370-4180 anytime! Hope you enjoyed these few tips on moving to Calgary. More to come on relocating and moving soon!

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