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Moving to Calgary – Common Moving Questions

  • February 12, 2013
  • By Cody Battershill

Moving to Calgary – Common Moving Questions

I love downtown CalgaryAre you thinking of moving to Calgary? Relocating to a new place has many variables involved, including a number of common moving questions that need to be answered to help make your move as smooth as possible.

Finding the answers for all of these common moving questions isn’t always the easiest thing to do, which is why being organized and working with the right Calgary REMAX Realtor is essential in accomplishing your relocation goals.

Calgary Real Estate Agent Remax RealtorRelocation Specialist

Hi, my name is Cody Battershill. I am a born and raised Calgary REMAX Realtor and Calgary enthusiast through my Facebook page Calgaryism. I would love to help you find the best home in Calgary that fits your criteria while working with you to find the answers to any questions you might have.

Here are some of the most common moving questions people have when moving to Calgary...

Which moving company should I use?

The earlier you do this, the better. But before you make any hasty decisions on which moving company to use, it is best you do some thorough homework on all of the potential candidates.

Relocating company scamsThere are many moving companies advertising themselves as the best there is that simply aren’t, as well as ones that claim to be a moving company but aren’t at all and are looking to scam you for your money. Make sure you avoid any unnecessary hassles and choose the right company to begin with. For more information be sure to check out our Moving to Calgary – Ways to Avoid Moving Scams.

Finding a well-reputed moving company will go a long ways in making the whole process as comfortable for you as possible. The earlier you find the best one for the job the better, since much preparation is involved in any move.

What communities are best for my family?

5 Safety Tips for Home OwnersCalgary has many family oriented neighbourhoods to choose from. Searching for the right community for you and your family is essential. However, if you don’t know the city that well, then asserting which one is best for you and your family can be difficult.

If you aren’t sure as to what community will fit your circumstances best, contact me today and I will provide you with a list of suitable neighbourhoods.

What makes one neighbourhood better than the other?

Evanston Homes Calgary AlbertaIn general Calgary is a very safe place to live, but keep in mind there always might be a better community choice for you and your family, depending on your circumstances.

  • Where will you be working in Calgary?
  • What kind of activities are your children likely to participate?
  • How long will your commutes be between these and all the other errands of life?

These are but a few factors you should consider before choosing a community. If you aren’t too sure which would be best for your situation, let a Calgary born and raised realtor assist you. I am always here to help!

Given my circumstances, what location would be best?

Depending on what your circumstances are, buying a home in an inner city location instead of the suburbs might be best, or vice versa.

Location-is-KeyAre you going to be frequently commuting to downtown? If so, consider all of your options as it is possible an inner city location could be more convenient as it would…

  • save you time from waiting in traffic
  • keep fuel costs lower
  • provide great access to the best that Calgary has to offer in terms of food, entertainment and culture

On the other hand, a newly developed suburban community might be ideal for you and your family for a variety of reasons, including…

  • more youth in the neighbourhood, great for your kids to grow up in and befriend others
  • easier access to the foothills, Rocky Mountains and northern Alberta

I am always here to help you find the best community fit for you and your family.

Which kind of home would suit my family and my lifestyle the best?

Multi Family Investment Opportunity CalgaryConsidering which type of home is best for you and your family is essential. Do you have pets? Is a backyard garden and play area ideal? How large is your family? Would a lock and leave lifestyle be best?

Calgary has a wide variety of homes to choose from. From suburban single family homes with generous lot sizes to new inner city infills to downtown condominiums, Calgary has it all. Each home variant has its pros and cons depending on your situation, so call me today and we can discuss them!

What nearby amenities and services are there?

Market Mall NW Calgary shopping centreNo one wants to have to drive any more than necessary, especially after work when your bagged and you have a million things to do. Choosing a community with an abundance of nearby amenities and services is a must!

Downtown and inner city communities have the best access to amenities and services, while new suburban community developments are usually limited to one or two large and nearby outdoor shopping centres.

If you aren’t sure what amenities are nearby, I can always provide you with this information.

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