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Moving to Calgary – Preparing Your Children

Moving to Calgary – Preparing Your Children for the Move

Relocation to Calgary with ChildrenIf you have moved before, I am sure that you know it can be an arduous task tough for any family, especially for the children who aren’t usually part of the whole decision to do so and may not understand the concept. Sometimes kids need special attention when moving homes.

What follows are some tips to make the whole moving process less stressful on your kids, which will result in less stress for yourself as well!


Communication between you and your kids to let them know that a move is in the works is essential. The earlier you choose to do so, chances are it will be easier for them when its time. Listen to their concerns and express to them how you think the move will change your lives in a positive way. Your kids love you and trust you!


Bring your kids on a trip to the new location. If it’s a change to a new city entirely, this is even more important. Take them to their future school, local recreational facility and show them the features of the new community. Learning about these things together should make the move more comfortable for you and your kids!


Be creative in finding ways to keep your kids connected with friends. Today it is easier than ever to do this through the technology and social media used by almost all youngsters.

If your kids have recently experienced a serious life changing event such as a death or divorce, postponing the move, if possible, should be considered to give your kids more time to adjust. Maybe the move is out of your hands and must be done due to something like a job transfer. You yourself might not be happy about it, but if you try your best to keep a positive attitude, it should help your kids to do the same. Your children look up to you and love you big time and your attitude will either give them doubt or reassurance that this is the best for everyone!

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