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Top 5 Things People Forget When Moving

Don’t Forget These 5 Things When Relocating Properties!Moving to Calgary

Moving homes can be extremely stressful and cause all of us to forget a few things here and there along the way. Don’t let yourself get stuck between a rock and a hard place on moving day by arming yourself with the knowledge of what many people forget.

Here are our top five things that people forget when moving properties whether that be from one part of town to another or different cities all together. Are you Moving to Calgary?

Arrange Child Care

Have you thought about who will be looking after your kids while you’re getting the job done? If you happen to have small children or toddlers, it’s very likely that they won’t be helping out much when it comes to lifting and everything else associated with moving properties.

Hence, you should avoid scrambling for last minute child care; it’s just another one of those things that can cause heaps of stress for you on moving day.

Arrange UtilitiesCalgary home maintenance guide for sellers

Have you ever tried unpacking boxes in the dark? Let’s just say that it’s not very fun, especially when on the other end of the move most people want to get their things sorted out as quickly as possible.

It’s recommended that you call your utility companies and make arrangements to turn services on at your new place two to three days in advance and off at your old place two to three days after you’re done.

Let Caregivers Know

If you happen to have any caregivers working in your household, then you’ll definitely want to let them know about the move well in advance. Also, anyone hired to do weekly or monthly maintenance outside or on the home itself should also be notified.

Some of these people may rely on the income they earn working for you and could need some time to make their own arrangements.

Calm “Moving” AnxietiesRelocating to Calgary Preschoolers Toddlers

All the tasks associated with moving means that you’re probably busy as it gets before, during and after the process. So, it becomes really easy to begin spending more of your time getting all these things done and less time with the kids – even if it not be a conscious decision.

Spending a bit more time than usual with the children before and after relocating may help calm any “moving” anxieties they have. Any family traditions you might have with your kids you should also try to maintain, i.e. reading them a story before bed-time or cooking their favourite pancakes on Sunday to name a few possibilities.

If you happen to be moving to another property in the same city, for example, it might also help to go with them to the new location while helping them visualize what things will be like for them there. Also see:


Many people overlook the parking situation at their new home. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the street require a special parking permit I need?
  • If the street I am on is busy, will there be enough time to park and unload?
  • At a condo, do I need to book time to use the docking bay?
  • Does the condo have a designated area for people to park and move in and out?
  • Are there any other special arrangements that need to be made for parking?

Obtain a solid answer for any of these questions that apply to your case and you’ll be golden on moving day!

More Moving Tips

See our Complete Moving to Calgary Guide today for several tips to help you along the way!

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