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New SE Calgary Cineplex Odeon Theatre Catches Fire

Fire Erupts at New Cineplex Odeon in SE CalgaryTheatre VIP Movie Seats

Good news for movie buffs in Calgary and especially for those living deep in southeast! Cineplex Entertainment is building a new 43,000 square foot, 11 screen movie theatre on Seton Boulevard and Deerfoot Trail!

Now the bad news. This project has been long overdue as its completion date has been delayed many times (expected completion originally in 2014).

Unfortunately, on November 5th, 2017, a fire that started just after 7:00pm wreaked havoc on the theatre as it neared completion, causing even more delays and problems for Cineplex Entertainment.

The highly anticipated movie theatre was set to open in a matter of weeks.

Quick FactsI love Calgary

  • Community of Seton, SE Calgary
  • 7 traditional theatres
  • 3 VIP theatres
  • 1 Ultra-AVX theatre
  • 43,000 square feet


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One of the most exciting features of the new southeast Cineplex are the 3 VIP theatres, a first for Calgary. These selected screens will offer a movie experience like no other with:

  • Adult only viewing
  • Sit-down menu service right at your seat
  • Expanded menu options, including traditional movie food and a large selection of appetizers
  • Fully-licensed lounge and alcoholic drinks
  • Dedicated ticket office
  • Seat reservations
  • New and improved seats

Driving down Deerfoot another 10 minutes (compared to Chinook’s Ciniplex theatres) for the VIP cinema experience might just be worth it after all, especially if you want a few cold drinks while watching that must-see new flick.

Will you drive the extra distance or pay the extra cost to use the VIP Cinema at the new Cineplex Odeon once it opens? Let us know what you think!

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Catching a movie at a nearby theatre is just one of many activities to do in and around Calgary throughout the year. For more of the best things to do in YYC, be sure to check out Calgary Activities: Do What the Locals Do.

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  1. I would defiantly use this theater… but it says opening in 2014 and 2014 is almost over.. When is the open date for this theatre?

    • Construction began in January 2017, looks like completion expected late 2017. That’s all the info I can find.

  2. It was supposed to open 2015 I live in copperpond I was waiting for this theatre and it will be close than going to Chinook

  3. Why hasn’t this happened yet??? I moved back here from the lower mainland and Coquitlam opened one up and it’s AWESOME!! I find it difficult to sit in a traditional theater now. VIP seats are incredibly comfortable, the swing out table is fantastic, you can positoon it whereever you want, the fact you can order food (not just popcorn and pop) from and pay in your seat is soooo nice. No waiting in line ups. I find for comfort it’s the closest to watching a movie at home but you are also out for the night.

  4. So 2017 and still not open?

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