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3 Outstanding Restaurants in Calgary’s Chinatown

3 of Calgaryism’s Most Recommended Chinatown RestaurantsI Love YYC Calgary Coffee Girl

Chinatown’s diversity of quality Asian restaurants can sometimes make it hard to choose which one to eat at. I guess it boils down to the mood you’re in or craving you have at the moment, although any one of these restaurants I suggest would hit the spot just right.

Having said that, here are three awesome restaurants in Chinatown you just have to try, and soon!

1 Pot1 Pot Chinatown Hot Pot Restaurant Food Calgary Alberta

  • Address – 123 3rd Avenue SE
  • Phone Number – 403-708-8088

Hot pot is a type of cuisine that all should experience sooner than later. It’s all-you-can-eat, goes for about $26.00 a person, and considering that 1 Pot has quality meats and other ingredients fresh-to-order, is well worth the trip.

I recommend trying any or all of the following menu selections: zucchini, mushrooms, beef & chicken slices, shrimp & beef balls with tonkotsu or sate broth. They all seem to soak up the taste of the broth very well.

How it works is you choose a broth which is brought out to you and put into a heating bowl in front of your seat. Some broths like the sate will cost another $2.00 on top of the original charge.

Then, you can (and should) go up to the dipping station to make any kind of concoction of several different sauces and ingredients. I usually make one sauce very spicy and the other milder but tasty, usually a combo of peanut and ginger or something along those lines. Then, let the ordering begin!

I was impressed with the quality of ingredients and service both times I have been considering that it is an all-you-can-eat restaurant and is very busy most of the time. This place can get quite busy at lunch and in the afternoons for dinner, so make a reservation if you’re keen on dropping in.

See more at our 1 Pot Calgary Restaurant Review today.

Pho HoaiPho Hoai Chinatown Calgary Restaurant

  • Address – 132 3rd Avenue SE
  • Phone Number – 403-264-8174

With so many Vietnamese pho restaurants out there, it’s hard sometimes to differ between the taste of food at one versus another. However, Pho Hoai is definitely not one of those dime-a-dozen restaurants, as you’ll notice the distinct taste of its bun, pho, rice and appetizer options.

Few places actually include vegetables in their pho soups. Perhaps the juicy tomato and large slices of onion combined with the sweet house made broth make Pho Hoai’s food stand out in my mind.

To find this restaurant, you have to walk inside of a shopping mall just off the corner of 3rd Avenue and 1st Street SE on the north side of that intersection.

I recommend the beef pho sate noodle soup with spring rolls and salad rolls to start. The bowls at this place aren’t extra huge or too small, so I find you get just the right amount of food and for a good price to boot.

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Calgary Court RestaurantBest Calgary Dimsum

  • Address – 119 2nd Avenue SE
  • Phone Number – 403-264-7980

If a Hong Kong style dining experience is something you crave, then Calgary Court Restaurant should be on the top of your list!

The service at this place is fast and the food served in a relatively short amount of time, which is great if you’re on a tight schedule. You’ll also notice the food is priced pretty reasonably, also good for saving a buck or two when eating out.

I highly recommend trying one of their healthy soups or chicken and rice entrees. For the price, they taste amazing and are a healthy choice and are a great for a late night snack (this place is open late!).

This restaurant is also one of the busiest I’ve seen in the Chinatown area. Be prepared to wait for a little while if you plan on stopping in at peak eating times!

I Love ChinatownYour Source Best in Calgary Alberta

What are your favourite restaurants in Chinatown? Let us know below and we will make sure to write about them in one of our upcoming blogs!

In the meantime, we invite you to join us at Calgaryism on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more of the best local restaurants, activities and everything else to do with YYC! We hope to see you there!

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