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Calgary REALTOR® Interview Guide: References

  • June 14, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

What to Ask Your Calgary REALTOR®: Question #1Interview a Calgary Realtor the smart questions

Hiring a REALTOR® in Calgary is an important decision which will directly impact the success of selling and / or buying your next property.

With this comprehensive guide I hope to help you learn more about the interview process so that you pick a REALTOR® who fits your personal needs and real estate goals best. Also see our Calgary REALTOR® Interview Guide today.

Q1. a) Do you have references I can call directly, not read, email or otherwise, but physically talk to?Finding the Right Calgary Realtor

A REALTOR® in Calgary will understand every client has individual needs and circumstances that will determine exactly what the best course of action is to take to accomplish their real estate goals.

If you are planning on hiring a REALTOR® to help you buy and /or sell real estate, why not ask him or her on the spot for the phone numbers of a few clients they have worked with. After all, you are considering hiring someone to work for you, so finding out about their past performance in a face to face type of scenario can test their confidence and professionalism.

All real estate agents have written and sometimes video testimonials and could possibly delay your question so that they can prime the person you are going to call with what to say.

If your Calgary REALTOR® really walks the walk, they should know that when they give you a few past clients phone numbers the testimonials they provide will be glowing reviews because of the referrers dedication to providing only the best level of service and advice the industry has to offer.

Q1. b) What's the bottom line?Cody Battershill REMAX Real Estate Agent LinkedIn referrals

Never hire a REALTOR® without doing a thorough interview and checking up on their references. Nothing substitutes for a testimonial in real life over the phone, but if you can't get that then at a bare minimum make sure they at least have a good selection of video testimonials and written testimonials for you to review.

Make a fully informed decision and hire a Calgary REALTOR® whom you feel is the most knowledgeable, professional, energetic, educated and experienced to help you accomplish your real estate plans!

Contact an Experienced REALTOR® in Calgary

get the best advice cody battershill remax real estate agent calgary alberta

As a highly-experienced REMAX agent and REALTOR® in Calgary, I promise to provide only the best service and advice the industry has to offer while taking care of all your real estate needs.

Call me anytime at 403-370-4180 or message me below for a prompt response. I am looking forward to helping you accomplish your real estate goals! Satisfaction Guaranteed Remax Calgary

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