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21 Questions to Ask Your New Calgary Home Builder

  • August 27, 2015
  • By Cody Battershill

Ask Your Home Builder of Choice these Important Questions...Calgary Home Buyers

Are you thinking of buying a new home in Calgary? If so, you probably already have a ton of questions when it comes to features, customization, prices and so on and so forth.

After all, buying a home may just be the largest purchase you’ll ever make, so asking as many questions as necessary to make you feel secure with your purchase is essential!

Here are a few questions that you should always find a detailed answer to when buying a new home in Calgary and have to choose a home builder to do the job.

Research QuestionsCalgary Condo Questions and Answers

These questions you should be able to find the answer to yourself through the builders’ website, word-a-mouth, Google search and any other references you might have at your disposal.

  • How long has the builder been in business for?
  • What types of homes are included in their portfolio… single-family, multi-family, both?
  • What neighbourhoods are they currently building in?
  • How many homes have they built?
  • What type of residence is their specialty, if any?
  • Do they offer an environmentally-friendly product, and if so, how efficient are these features?
  • Is the builder preceded by a good reputation?
  • Have they won any prestigious awards (SAM, etc.)?
  • Are there any online reviews to help guide you towards making a decision?
  • Have they had any complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Is their website professional and easy to find information on?
  • Is the company financially stable to the best of your knowledge?

Face-to-Face QuestionsThe right questions to ask when interviewing your realtor

The questions below are ones that you’ll likely ask the home builders representative face-to-face. In most instances, your real estate agent may already know the answer to these and if not find that information on your behalf.

  • How do you compare yourself to other local builders and what is it that sets you apart?
  • What standard features are included in the home that I am interested in?
  • How extensive are customization options if I choose to upgrade?
  • How and when can I make those changes before and / or during the construction phase?
  • Is it possible to request a storage shed, for example, to be constructed in the backyard for an extra cost if I wanted it?
  • Do you have any previous customers who I can ask about your product?
  • Are there any current show homes I can tour, and if not, can you assist me in making an appointment with one of your past customers to see theirs?
  • When will my home be completed and ready to move in?

Making the DecisionQuestions to ask when building an inner city infill home

There could very well be several other questions you should ask your new Calgary home builder that aren’t listed here - and that’s great! Ask away, as no detail should be left undiscovered.

After you’ve got a good grip on this information, then ask yourself perhaps the most important question of all… Does it feel right in my gut to go with this home builder?

I’m not talking about nervousness or anything else of the sort, but of that gut feeling we all have when making an important decision.

If it doesn’t feel right, then maybe you should take a step back before signing on the dotted line and discover why that is.

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