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Why I Love Victoria Park – Sunterra

  • July 29, 2013
  • By Cody Battershill

Why I Love Victoria Park Calgary – Sunterra

I Love YYC Spring

Sunterra in Victoria Park puts a smile on my face. Whether it’s to fulfill my list of wholesome and organic groceries or to grab a quick bite to eat after a crazy work out at the Talisman Centre, Sunterra’s multi-faceted business is always there for what you need and when you need it.

It is one of the fine businesses in Victoria Park that make the beltline community a very attractive place to live, work and play all at once.

Sunterra Market

Sunterra Market Calgary

A flurry of people head in and out of downtown Calgary every day, especially from Monday to Friday.

Sunterra Market’s location in the middle of southbound (1st St SE) and northbound Macleod Trail in Victoria Park make it a conveniently located grocery store for many downtown commuters and it’s even got wholesome, organic and hearty foods to boot.

Sunterra also have some of the regular brands you’ll see in Safeway or Co-op just in case there’s someone in the family who can’t live without fruit loops!

I’m very jealous of those who live in the Keynote or Keynote 2 condos who merely have to walk a few feet from their front doors to reach this awesome amenity.

In a day and age where people are more conscious about eating healthy, there’s no better way to supplement your meal needs than with Sunterra’s prepared salads, meats and other dishes. Here are some of my absolute favourites you just have to try…

  • Ginger chicken pasta salad
  • Sunterra Greek salad
  • Sunterra homemade coleslaw
  • Southwestern chicken breast
  • Italian bruschetta roasted salmon
  • Tropical quinoa salad
  • BBQ meatballs

My mouth is watering just thinking of all these prepared dishes. On top of being absolutely delicious, they are very affordable and you have the option of getting small, medium or large servings. Sweet!

So what are you waiting for, head on down to Sunterra Market today and see what you’ve been missing!

Sunterra Market Interior in CalgarySunterra Market Bar

I never knew that eating out while staying true to your healthy habits could be so affordable. Well, Sunterra Market Bar changed all that by giving myself and many others a true bang for our buck!

Located on the second floor of Sunterra Market you will find a full sit-down restaurant as well as a café called the Sunterra Market Bar. Every day the Market Bar has a special homemade concoction ranging from chicken pot pie and beef stew to spaghetti and curry on rice, for around $5.50!

Yes, that’s right; you can still find very good food for a very good price in Calgary! All you need to do is head down to Sunterra Market Bar in Victoria Park to dine for under $10 per person.

They have a wide variety of foods including pastas, sandwiches, breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees, meat dishes, organic juices, fruit and more that are great for the whole family while their HDTV’s help you catch up on your favourite teams score.

On really warm summer days they offer a lunch special outside on their large patio entailing juicy chicken, beef or lamb with your choice of sides. I usually go for the rice and veggies, healthy all the way!

If you’re a big health fanatic like I am and love saving a few bucks, the Sunterra Market Bar is the way to go. See more for yourself at our Sunterra Market Bar Calgary Restaurant Review.

Best Calgary Cooking Classes Part 2Cooking Classes

Sometimes the best art of them all is to get your hands dirty in the kitchen and create a salivating new recipe from scratch. Not only will you be able to enjoy this meal with whoever you choose, it will be a recipe that that stays with you for a very long time and can be made over and over again.

Sunterra offers a great variety of cooking classes to do exactly that, they open up your cooking skills and expand your cuisine horizons exponentially. They offer a little bit of something for everyone with classes involving…

  • Locally sourced ingredients – things you would find in your back yard garden
  • Cucina Italian – master the art of Italian cooking with Cucina Italian
  • Lunch and Learn – learn how to cook efficiently and wholesomely for lunch time
  • Kids Kitchen – showing kids how to make nutritional meals on their own
  • World Kitchen – explore the tastes of the world and learn how to utilize these ingredients at home
  • Private Cooking Lessons – expand your cooking skills and get private lessons from professional chefs at Sunterra

Be sure to check out the best Calgary cooking classes and be well on your way to becoming a master of your preferred cuisines today!

Victoria Park Calgary AlbertaLovely Victoria Park

Every time I visit Victoria Park, I am reminded of just how lucky its residents are to live within walking distance from places like Sunterra, the Stampede Grounds and a variety of other hot spot locations that make it one of the best areas of Calgary to live in.

What do you love about Victoria Park Calgary? Please leave us a comment and share with us your experiences!