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Alberta’s Best Customer: Guess Who?

The United States is our Top Export Buyer - of Course! Our friendly neighbours down south are by far the best customer that Alberta has when it comes to trade exports. The Americans bought a whopping $80.5 billion worth of goods from our province in 2015 representing a good chunk of all of Alberta’s international exports – at … [Read more...]

Alberta Opens Trade Office in India

Alberta Has Opened a Trade Office in India Early in 2013, it was announced that Alberta will be expanding its world connections with the debut of a new trade office in India. Now, a month later, that announcement has become reality as Premier Alison Redford opened that office while on a trade mission to India in the middle of … [Read more...]

Alberta Oil Sands: More 2 The Story

Alberta Oil Sands: There's More 2 the Story Surely you have heard of some of the misinformation being spread by various groups and individuals about Canada’s oil sands. Well, there is much more to the story of oil that needs to be told! Below is a short movie created by Cenovus Energy, an oil company headquartered in … [Read more...]

Alberta Oil Sands Facts and Infographics

Alberta Oil Sands Facts and Infographics Searching for some hard facts on the Alberta oil sands? You’ve come to the right place! Alberta’s oil sands hold the third largest proven oil reserves in the world. Needless to say, the estimated 1.84 trillion barrels of oil in the oil sands is an invaluable natural resource not only … [Read more...]

Alberta Oil Sands – Canada’s Economic Benefit

Oil Sands – Canada’s Economic Benefit 28 percent of oil sands related employment is outside Alberta 450,000 annual work positions will be required by the oil sands over the next 25 years across Canada Alberta contributes to job creation in… Refining Banking and finance Government and … [Read more...]

Alberta and Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Alberta and GHG Reductions Alberta was the first jurisdiction in North America to legislate industrial greenhouse gas emission reductions Air quality around oil sands operations are better than all North American cities reviewed by the Alberta Clean Air Strategic Alliance The province of Alberta has … [Read more...]

The Truth About the Canadian Oil Sands

The Truth About Canada’s Oil Sands The Canadian oil sands are attacked on a constant basis for a myriad of fabricated reasons. One of the biggest complaints is that the oil sands greenhouse gas emissions per barrel are higher than conventional crude. The truth is that the oil sands are not the most ghg intensive oil produced … [Read more...]

1000 Researchers to Improve Oil Sands Impact

Oil Sands Research and Information Network – OSRIN At the University of Alberta, more than 1000 researchers are collaborating on a single challenge; responsible development of our oil sands. Yes, that’s right! In Edmonton, Alberta at the University of Alberta the Oil Sands Research and Information Network are working hard to … [Read more...]

Alberta is Growing

Growing Population for Alberta Alberta’s oil sands are booming and will continue to do so as long as the world needs oil. High oil prices have driven Canadians from all provinces, especially from the east, to come and work here in Alberta for great pay and benefits. Oil and gas companies in the province are doing everything … [Read more...]

20 Ways to Save Energy

20 Ways to Save Energy Maybe you are an advocate for the environment, maybe not. No matter what side of the debate your on, chances are you drive a car, eat packaged foods and live in a modern home. Here are a few simple things all of us can do more often to save some energy and for the most part some cash as well! 1. Open the … [Read more...]

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