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The Worst Oil Spills in History

TOP 5 WORST OIL SPILLS and KEYSTONE XL With all the media attention recently of the Keystone XL pipeline protests, I thought it fitting to talk about the environment. Speaking of the protests, there were 1,200 or so arrests at the White House last month, and the upcoming November 6th "Circle the White House" protest is hoping … [Read more...]

Have Some Common Sense

The Oil Sands, Keystone XL, the White House and Hollywood Look at the map above, notice anything? Think about it and we will come back to that question. In the meantime do you find it funny as I do that all these  actors and actresses are now jumping on the bandwagon in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Oil Sands. … [Read more...]

Ethical Oil Vs. Conflict Oil

What is Ethical Oil? It is a choice we have to make. and it is powerful. Democracy versus Dictatorship, Good Jobs versus Forced Labour, Women's Rights versus Women getting stoned to death, Reforestation versus Degredation, Freedom to live, say and be whoever you are versus living in constant fear. This is the case for … [Read more...]

OPEC Oil Reserves Fact or Fiction?

OPEC's Paper Barrels We have been hearing and reading? the word “OPEC” a lot over the last several years; it is typically portrayed as some secretive organization on a mission to raise oil prices and cost us more money. (Many might argue this is not far off from the truth) For younger generations that were not around during the … [Read more...]

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