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Calgary, Alberta… Home to the World’s Longest What?

  • February 16, 2016
  • By Cody Battershill

Calgary - Home of the World's Longest +15 Network and Skylight

Plus 15 downtown Calgary#15 downtown Calgary Alberta

  • Calgary is home to North America's largest network of paved pathways with over 700 kilometres
  • We have the world's largest +15 network of its kind with 18km of walkways & 63 bridges
  • We have one of Canada's largest urban parks - Fish Creek Provincial Park - which stretches 19 kilometres from east to west and a covers nearly 14 square kilometres

The Core Shopping Mall, Downtown Calgary  is Home to the World's Longest Skylight!

The Core Shopping Mall in Downtown CalgaryThe Core Mall SkylightWorlds Longest Skylight

- The worlds longest +15 walkway system, say what?! -

Avoiding bad weather is one bonus, that's for sure. The extensive +15 network inherent to downtown Calgary has been keeping downtown workers out of the cold for over 40 years. While the indoor pathway system might not have been as expansive 30 years ago as it is today, it's functionality has always been the same.

Besides keeping our bosoms warm, the +15 network helps business in the downtown core conduct smoothly, providing immediate access to adjacent buildings without having to wait at street corners for those long lights!

Much of the best in Calgary is found in the downtown core and is accessible via the +15 network. It makes commuting in downtown convenient not only for business, but for shopping, eating and all the rest of the things that we do in the city's centre!

- 700km of paved pathways in Calgary, simply amazing! -

Calgary has become well known for its interconnecting network of parks and pathways, especially those found along the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

In the winter time, City Parks and Recreation clears approximately 42km of paved pathways in the city so people can use them year round for a variety of activities.

Many people enjoy the paved pathway system in Calgary. For some, it is the ultimate retreat after a long days work, while others might use them for fitness or a variety of other activities. With over 3400 sites in our city, there is always an opportunity to discover a new pathway or park along the way!

- A monstrous skylight that makes me feel like I'm walking outdoors - 

The Core Shopping Mall in TD Square is home to the world's longest skylight! It is also one of the best Calgary shopping malls there is!

Spanning close to three city blocks and almost a football field in length, the skylight enlivens the inner sanctum of the Core Shopping Mall to say the least. It's almost as if you are walking in a space open to the natural environment! The skylight...Calgaryism Facebook Instagram Twitter Graphic Join Us

  • began construction in 2009
  • was engineered by a German architectural firm
  • has 200 metre by 26 metre dimensions
  • 95 arch that each weigh approximately 5500 pounds
  • 1740 pieces of glass in total

What's your favourite thing about the longest in Calgary? Please leave us a comment and let us know below. Until next time, be sure to join us at Calgaryism on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today!

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