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5 Tips to Help Make Your Open House a Success

5 Tips That Will Help Your Open House Be a SuccessSelling your Calgary home, home sellers

Open houses are a long standing tradition in real estate. They are also sometimes debated by sellers as to if they really work to help get your home sold. Well, they can, as long as you do them right!

Even some real estate agents nowadays think open houses are a thing of the past, while others firmly believe in their effectiveness. I personally know they are a great way to showcase your home to some potentially unexpected buyers. Having said that, here are some tips to help make your open house a success!

#1 – Use Signs Effectivelyhome sellers tips calgary open house home

It’s irritating when you can’t find something that you’re looking for such as the keys in the morning, wallet before heading out or perhaps that open house you saw a sign for in an inner city neighbourhood of your dreams. So, don’t let improper signage let any potential buyers slip between the cracks.

  • Use large signs with nearly perfect writing giving clear directions to the open house
  • Place these signs on high traffic corners
  • Consider adding a contact phone number as passerby’s might call to ask questions and come to view

Remember that the City of Calgary has its own rules and regulations regarding street signs so make sure you consult the city before putting up a massive sign that doesn’t fall into place with these and end ups getting you fined. Your real estate agent should also know what these rules are.

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#2 – Staging RightFlowers Curb Appeal Home Calgary

Staging can either make or break your open house. There are some definite do`s and do not’s when it comes to showing a home including:

  • Do – Clean every surface and corner and organize inside drawers, cupboards and other storage areas.
  • Do – Remove personal items from sight such as family photos, degrees or documents of any kind.
  • Don`t – Spaces that feel cluttered are unwelcoming and make it hard for buyers to envision living in.
  • Don`t – Leaving any signs of pets out for potential buyers to see could alter their.
  • Don`t – Not cleaning until the last minute and missing some spots.

These are just a few examples of the do’s and do not’s for open houses! Find out more about staging properly at our Calgary Home Sellers Tips to Staging today.

#3 – Create a Comfortable AtmosphereCouches Living Room Home

Staging properly plays into creating a comfortable viewing environment for those at your open house, although you can, and should take things a step further to make sure they enjoy their experience. Some things you could do include:

  • Having a tray of free beverages and / or snacks
  • Making sure the temperature is at a comfortable level
  • Playing music softly that is considered appropriate by the demographic viewing your home

Additionally in the summer time having a few windows open for a light summer breeze to rush through the home could add another nice touch.

There are a ton of other small things like this you can do – just consult your real estate agent if you aren’t sure your idea would be a good one or not. Why Use a REALTOR® to Help Sell Your Calgary Home anyways?

#4 – Viewable Pamphlets / BrochuresCalgary Home Sellers Guide

Having your marketing materials in direct sight when people enter the door will ensure that they have all the information they need on the property. Think of it as a map to your home that will highlight all the little details they might miss at first glance.

Maybe they didn’t know that you had a Jacuzzi tub or that your tiled floor was actually heated. These are just two examples of several tidbits of information that could change the mind of a potential buyer!

#5 – Use an Experienced Real Estate AgentCody Battershill Calgary REMAX Real Estate Agent

By using a well experienced real estate agent with many sales under his or her belt, you can trust that their expertise will lead to the most successful open house possible.

In addition to their tips on open houses, be assured that they and their associates will be working with your best interests in mind during the showing and make the best of the opportunity with viewers.

More Home Seller Tips

Are you thinking of selling your Calgary home sometime soon? If so, you will definitely want to check out our Complete Calgary Home Sellers Guide for several tips along the way!

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