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Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Calgary

  • December 6, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

Top 10 Restaurants for Chinese Dim Sum in CalgaryI love Calgary

Where can you find the best dim sum in Calgary? If you're an experienced dim sum go-er, you probably know about some staple dim sum restaurants like Silver Dragon, for example, one place that has been serving the local community for decades.

On the other hand, you might not know what dim sum is at all. It's basically a Chinese version of brunch with many different types of dishes that are either steamed, baked or deep-fried. Either way, just know that most of what you'll order at dim sum is delicious and here are the restaurants in Calgary where you'll find only the best.

Silver DragonSilver Dragon Dim Sum Calgary Chinatown

  • Address - 106 3rd Avenue SE
  • Phone # - 403-264-5326

In the heart of Chinatown you will find Silver Dragon, a legendary restaurant with some of the best dim sum and traditional Chinese food that has been around for ages!

We highly recommend getting to Silver Dragon on weekends early, or after the lunch rush as the entire restaurant is typically packed right through until 2:00pm.

Forbidden City

  • Address - 999 36 Street NE
  • Phone # - 403-250-1848

Housed in the Pacific Palace Mall, Forbidden City more than deserves to top this list of the best Calgary dim sum restaurants because of its attention to quality and good service every time.

Be prepared to wait awhile for a table during busy weekend times, but you will not be disappointed with the huge selection of a la carte items rolling by your table at any given time.

My favourite dish is the Chinese doughnut wrapped in rice crepe accompanied with peanut and hoisin sauce. It is quite rich so a few bites will satisfy your taste buds.

Golden CentralDimSum in Calgary

  • Address - 5016 Centre Street NE
  • Phone # - 403-731-9199

Located in the McKnight area, Golden Central also offers a la carte which ensures high quality and fresh items.

One of my favourite items here are the baked egg custard buns. When you take a bite, the sweet, delicious filling melts in your mouth and should put a smile on your face from ear-to-ear.

Even though the temptation there is to take a bite right away, remember to wait a few minutes for them to cool or risk burning your mouth.

T.Pot China Bistro

  • Address - 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd N
  • Phone # - 403-532-3982

Ever since T.Pot China Bistro made it's debut near the northwest T&T Supermarket,  it was an instant hit with dim sum fanatics all over the north end of the city.

Inside you'll find impressive contemporary design with large crystal chandeliers hanging over the tables and beaded curtains separating tables and booths of all sizes.

We really love T.Pot's char siu bao (BBQ bork buns) and har gau (shrimp dumpling) - both are highly recommended to try on your next dim sum at T.Pot!

Regency PalaceBest Dim Sum in Calgary Alberta

  • Address - 328 Centre Street South
  • Phone # - 403-777-2288

Widely recognized as the largest Chinese restaurant in Calgary! Seafood is Regency Palace's claim to fame; they offer fresh shrimp dumplings, scallop dumplings and shrimp rice rolls to name a few.

They also have a yummy variety of desserts – egg tarts, coconut jelly and almond jelly with fruit cocktail. Dim sum at Regency Palace is also self-serve style, so customers go up to the buffet and choose their selection of items.

Central Grand

  • Address - 1623 Centre Street North
  • Phone # - 403-277-8883

Another one of the best dim sum restaurants in Calgary! Central Grand also caters to those looking for the push-cart style dim sum.

Central Grand definitely gets the crown for the best char siu bao. The combination of savory BBQ pork and soft and slightly sweet pillowy dough is made to perfection.

My mouth is watering thinking of this dim sum delicacy even now!

Great Taste Chinese Cuisinebest dim sum in calgary great taste chinese restaurant

  • Address - 6H2, 594 64th Ave NE
  • Phone # - 403-275-6577

This unsuspecting restaurant in Huntington Hills is packed to the max on weekends because of its delicious and relatively affordable dim sum.

Every item we ordered off the menu was cooked to perfection and exuberantly delicious. The shrimp balls may have been the best I've had at any dim sum restaurant in Calgary!

Be prepared to wait for 20 to 30 minutes on weekends, but it's well worth it!

Bobby Chao’s

  • Address - 34 Edgedale Drive NW
  • Phone # - 403-207-7840

Chef Bobby Chao takes pride in blending different flavours and texture to create his own unique style of dim sum dishes. His dim sum menu is a representation of his creativity including French-style baked oysters and shrimp & peanut dumplings.

This is the only restaurant that offers a dozen variation of the rice crepe. Definitely a must try for dim sum lovers in Calgary!

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