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Toronto Real Estate Agents – Partner With Experienced Realtors® in Calgary, Alberta

  • January 30, 2024
  • By Cody Battershill

Toronto Realtor Referral Program - Why Use Calgaryism Real Estate Team for Toronto Realtor Buyers

Toronto Realtors®, Contact Us for Your Calgary Real Estate Needs

Are you a real estate agent in the Toronto region looking to form a strategic partnership with an experienced Realtor® in Calgary, Alberta? The Calgaryism Real Estate Team – consisting of born and raised local real estate agents – has helped countless Toronto Realtors® successfully find a property for their buyers for well over a decade.

Calgaryism’s Realtor® referral program provides you and your out-of-province buyer with exceptional service in finding that perfect property. Whether it be an investment or primary residence, our team of professional Realtors® – Cody, Jordan, Eric, Ben, and Jeff – have the know-how and skillset to make your transaction a huge success.

Why Choose the Calgaryism Team for Your Buyer?

get the best advice real estate when relocating to Calgary

• We have decades of experience in helping clients buy and sell real estate in the Calgary Metropolitan Area (CMA), allowing us to find the perfect property for your Ontario-based buyer that fits their criteria best.

• We provide competitive referral fees for all Toronto real estate agents who want to form a strategic partnership with us to aid their buyers in finding a property.

• Our team of dedicated and experienced Realtors® in Calgary, Alberta, ensures your search is expedited and performed thoroughly on your behalf when your client needs it.

• Through our social media account Calgaryism – which has been around for more than 15 years – we promote local activities and events and advocate for the community at large, showing our adept knowledge of the local residential markets and culture.

• We act as your third-party representative as we are fully licensed and able to conduct real estate transactions in Alberta – out-of-province Realtors® must comply with rules and regulations set forth by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) (more below) – our partnership ensures you are in full compliance.

• Our business is built on relationships; we sometimes have buyers looking for real estate in the Greater Toronto Area and, therefore, also need Realtors® to help our clients find that perfect property.

Alberta Real Estate License Rules 

Calgaryism Real Estate Team - Contact Us Today

RECA states that if your client is looking to buy a property in Alberta, you, the Realtor®, must also have a license to do transactions in the province. This applies to all market segments: new builds and resale properties.

Some out-of-province real estate agents believe that new construction does not require a license, which is incorrect. For example, Ontario Realtors® have been known to advertise online for selling properties in Calgary such as new downtown condominiums. Given that it is considered a trade in real estate, this action triggers licensing requirements in Alberta. Unlicensed activity could open up any Toronto Realtors® t to the possibility of sanctions from both RECA and their local regulator.

Every province and territory in Canada has its own licensing and regulation requirements to protect consumers. Performing activities without compliance with these laws can create significant risks for your clients.

Skip all the worry, by working with us!

Work With Us

Forget about getting your Alberta real estate license by contacting the Calgaryism Real Estate Team today. Our team of professionals is happy to jump on a call anytime to discuss your client's needs and also the details of our referral fee.

As a top-producing team with REMAX House of Real Estate with nearly 200 transactions in 2023, we are confident that we can make your client’s transaction a huge success – and we look forward to forming a long-term relationship with you for any required referral transactions between our respective jurisdictions!

Contact us anytime to get started: