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Calgary Home Selling Tips – 4 Steps to Listing

Calgary Home Selling Tips: 4 Steps to Listing Your HomeHome Checklist House

So you’ve decided to sell your home and are looking to list your house or condo on the local real estate market.

As an experienced REMAX Real Estate Agent and REALTOR® in Calgary, here is my four step recommendation on how you should proceed before your very first showing.

Taking these steps will help you move from a listing contract to a purchase contract – a key part of the home selling process.

I believe it is extremely important that as the client you are fully informed during every step of the transaction and are given the best possible service. See my Commitment to Calgary Home Sellers and get the best advice today!

Step #1. Get Your Home “Show” Ready.

Think about your home from a buyers perspective… what you see is what you get and are willing to pay for.

Staging is an important part of helping you get what you want; selling your home in the least amount of time for as much money as possible.

There are several ways you can stage your home for showings which we will discuss in more detail depending on your personal circumstances. See more at Calgary Home Selling Tips for Staging today.

Fact is that staged homes sell 49% faster and for 7-11% more then non-staged homes (National Association of Realtors). The real question is not “if” you should stage, but how and to what degree!

Step #2. Your Real Property Report

The real property report (RPR) shows how the home, fences, decks, patios and garages etc.. sit on the land.

The RPR is required by the lawyers at the time of closing the sale to make sure everything is within your lot and within city guidelines. See How to Find the Right Real Estate Lawyer here.

If you have added or changed the way any of the above items sit on the land, then you will need to get an updated RPR. If you don’t have an RPR or have made substantial changes you may need to order a brand new report.

It is critical we do this at the time of listing so we don’t have any potential delays with the closing of your sale or in a worse case scenario, give a buyer the option to get out of the deal at the last minute because of an issue with the RPR.

Step #3. Pre-List Home Inspection or Condo Doc. Review

These two items are included as conditions in 98% of buyers offers and when trouble arises are common factors that kill deals.

If we have a pre-listing inspection or condominium document review done, then we will know exactly how our property rates and if there are any issues that will come up that we can solve prior to discovering an unwanted surprise and costing us a sale.

Why are home inspections important anyways?

Step #4. Preview the Competition

This is an often overlooked step that is important for your homes pricing and marketing position. Normally I would do this tour by myself but I would highly recommend you join me as we tour three to six of your closest competitors.

This allows us to see how we are positioned in the market and is exactly the same tour buyers will be doing. Are we priced too high, too low? What else makes us unique or inspires us to set ourselves apart?

You can also request my full Competitive Market Analysis here over phone, email or a quick message today!

Before you go, we invite you to check out our complete list of Calgary Home Selling Tips! Find everything you need to know about selling a home in Calgary today!

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