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Why Use a REALTOR® When Buying a New Home?

  • September 27, 2018
  • By Cody Battershill

Get Your Own Third-Party Representation & Hire an Experienced REALTOR®new calgary home buyers guides new homes for sale calgary

Are you thinking about buying a new home in Calgary? Let me tell you, there’s currently lots of options out there in all quadrants of the city. If there was one single tip I would recommend to you when navigating the new home market, it’s this.

Getting expert third-party representation when buying a new construction home is critical to negotiating the best deal with the builder and being fully satisfied with your purchase.

It’s important to distinguish that the sales representative you’ll end up talking with works for the builder – not you – so having an experienced REALTOR® at your side to help in negotiations and throughout the home buying process is in your best interest.

Commission is Paid for by the Builder!

Remember that as a new home buyer, almost all builders / developers require your real estate agent to accompany you and assist in the registration process on your first visit to the show home / show suite. If you don’t, you risk the chance your agent losing out on their commission (paid for by the builder).

Let your agent know when you plan on visiting the builder’s show home for the first time, or if there’s other product you want to go and see elsewhere. They will be happy to accommodate your schedule and meet you there – or perhaps act as your chauffer to the sales office!

Use a REALTOR® with New Construction ExperienceCody Battershill REMAX Real Estate Agent LinkedIn referrals

It should be clear that having your own third-party representative when buying a new home is a good idea. However, keep in mind that this person shouldn’t just be any REALTOR®, but one with lots of experience in helping people buy new construction homes.

The stages of construction and builder contracts involved with new homes is much different than what most real estate agents deal with regularly. Therefore, it's important for them to have experience to make your new home buying process as smooth as possible.

Finding the right agent for the job is crucial! Here's our complete Calgary REALTOR® Interview Guide if you need helping finding one!

Having experience in the new home market means that your real estate agent should have excellent negotiation skills. This is priceless when dealing with a builder’s sales team!

Negotiating with the Builder

It’s no secret that negotiations are a huge part of the new home buying process and that it’s the job of your REALTOR® to negotiate with the builder sales representative on your behalf. Your agent should fully understand how the property is priced, what free upgrades could be included or if you can be exempted from other fees to name a few examples.

Furthermore, your REALTOR® should know which upgrades a builder typically offers to help close a deal with you, the buyer, or perhaps if the builder is open to covering the closing costs to make a purchase that much more appealing for you. These aren’t set in stone but are just two possibilities of many that your agent could negotiate for in your favour.

Once again, the best thing about this is that your REALTOR® fees are paid for by the builder (as long as you went with them to the show home on your first visit!!). So why wouldn’t you want your own expert, third-party representative there with you throughout the new home buying process!?

Today’s New Home MarketFinding the Right Calgary Realtor

With so many new suburban homes on today’s market, it’s crucial you get all the information needed to make decisions that suit your wants, needs and lifestyle best.

With that in mind, do yourself a favour and get your own professional representation before heading down to the builder show suite. Chances are that you may just get a much better deal than if you didn’t!

Get more expert advice on buying homes at our Calgary Home Buyers Guide and be well on your way to a successful purchase!

Questions about New Homes in Calgary?

New Calgary home expert real estate agent Cody Battershill

Get the best advice from an experienced new home and condo real estate agent and REALTOR® by getting in touch with me today! I guarantee to guide you step-by-step throughout your next transaction while making sure all your needs are taken care of along the way!

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