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Winsport’s New Performance Training Centre

  • May 13, 2014
  • By Cody Battershill

Winsport’s New Performance Training Centre at C.O.P.Winsport Canada Olympic Park

Have you heard about all the cool things happening down at Canada Olympic Park lately?

One of the most exciting of them all is the launch of Winsport’s new performance training centre, a world leading fitness facility for professional athletes and available for use by the public too!

You see, that is exactly what is so appealing about training at this new facility apart from the brand new machines and building.

People just like you and I can now work out among some of Canada’s best professional athletes - you may just learn a thing or two and be inspired by their intensity!

The Performance Training Centre (PTC) has had its doors open for about five months now and connects the indoor ice house, the start facility for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton, to the three indoor hockey rinks, office buildings and cafeteria.

PTC Facts

  • 10,000 square foot area
  • 12 treadmills, 16 bikes, 4 striders, 4 rowers - all state-of-the-art
  • 6 Olympic lifting platforms
  • Several plate loading machines
  • 3 x 5 to 125 pound sets of dumbbells
  • TRX, land-mine training, battle ropes and more accessories / special equipment
  • Day lockers
  • Showers, shampoo and conditioner
  • Steam room
  • Tower service


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MembershipsWinsport Canada Olympic Park Training Centre Calgary Alberta

Take your training and fitness to the next level at PTC this spring and summer!

All coaches and consultation you will receive are done by partnering professionals from the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI). The CSI coaches and psychologists are the same people that train Canada’s national team athletes!

It’s a very unique chance to train at what is by far the best facility in the country and be surrounded by some of Canada’s best athletes.

Winsport is allowing a maximum of 500 memberships in 2014, so get yours today before it’s too late!

By becoming a member at the Winsport facility, you will be provided with a performance training program by those experts who do the same for Canada’s national athletes.

  • Annual memberships go for $2,400 and cannot be cancelled until expiry
  • Monthly memberships can be purchased after a $1,400 half-year investment upfront then $210 month-to-month afterwards

More at PTC Winsport Canada Olympic Park Performance Training Centre

Endurance training and triathlon programs – reach new fitness heights with PTC’s endurance training coach Carl Zaryski, a six-time World Champion!

Circuit training – this form of training is some of the best when it comes to getting lean and into shape. PTC has the perfect atmosphere for circuit training with lots of open space and a variety of different work out systems and accessories at their disposal.

Sport training – those who play sports casually, competitively or professionally have the opportunity to be prescribed customized performance training programs for specific sports whether it is for a full team, groups or the individual.

Cycling studio – if you love spin class and other cycling fitness programs, then you will love the new PowerWatts Cycling Studio led by Jason Myslicki, a two-time Olympic Athlete.

Corporate fitness – PTC is also offering corporate fitness programs that will energize and rejuvenate your entire office! Happier and healthier employees means increased productivity, morale and more while also reducing illness and other possible injuries.

Summer is Coming!

Shock all your loved ones this summer at the swimming pool, lake and ocean or wherever else it may be and join Winsport’s new Performance Training Centre today.

A highly customized fitness program may just be the thing you need to unlock that level of health you have always wanted! Also be sure to check out these 3 Summer Activities at Canada Olympic Park.

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