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Best Ramen in Calgary: 10 Ramen Restaurants You’ll Love

  • January 29, 2023
  • By Cody Battershill

top 10 Calgary Japanese ramen restaurants

Where to Find the Best Ramen in Calgary?

Where will you find some of the best ramen in Calgary? If you're like me, you crave a bowl of noodle soup often and are constantly searching for new and exceptional ramen restaurants around town.

If you've ever been to Vancouver or Toronto, you'll know that our local ramen scene doesn't have as many options as those mega-cities. However, many exceptional new restaurants have emerged over the past few years, providing more options and alternatives to your usual Vietnamese pho spot.

Like pho, most ramen restaurants in Calgary have their own signature broths and tastes. I've visited as many as possible to make this list of the best ramen in Calgary!

So, without further adieu, here is Calgaryism's list of the top 15 ramen restaurants! Also see:



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A post shared by Shokunin (@shokuninyyc)

  • Address – 2016 14th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-229-3444

Our Favourites

  • Shokunin Ramen
  • Charcoal avocado
  • Bison tataki
  • Skin on breast yakitori

Despite having just one bowl of ramen, Shokunin makes our list of best Calgary ramen restaurants for several reasons, the first being how crazy its sole bowl of ramen is.

The "Shokunin Ramen" features a rich and creamy broth infused with sake kasu, garlic and white miso, yellow chicken thigh chasu, topped with picked black mushrooms, sesame menma and ajitama egg. Add cured miso bacon and wagyu fat chilli oil to make it even more expensive -- but delicious.

Shokunin's atmosphere is also something to get excited about. The gastro bar mixes Asian fusion cuisine with an upscale dining experience brought on by its exceptional food and modern ambiance. This best Japanese restaurant in Calgary is an excellent place for dates.

Located along the 4th street business improvement area, Shokunin is a great place to grab a bite to eat and and explore the nightlife along the Mission and the Beltline streetscapes.

Fuji Ramen & Sushi

  • Address – 2016 14th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-229-3444

Our Favourites

  • Black Fuji Tonkotsu
  • Red Fuji Tonkotsu
  • Chili Goma
  • Tan Tan

Located on Macleod Trail just south of Southcentre, Fuji Ramen and Sushi has taken the local foodie scene by storm with its extensive selection of Japanese appetizers, sushi and ramen. It also holds the title for the best rating on Google, with a 4.8 out of 5 stars with more than 500 reviews!

This family-owned restaurant serves up large ramen bowls with homemade broth and noodles. Cooked to perfection, the chicken and pork chasu melts in your mouth while the rich broth makes every bite as enjoyable as the last.

If you're in the deep south, you'll want to stop in at this restaurant for some of the best ramen in Calgary, hands down! Although a bit expensive (about $20 a bowl), the experience is worth it.

Ramen Ichinen


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A post shared by RAMEN ICHINEN (@ramenichinenyyc)

  • Address – #349 – 3132 26th Street NE
  • Phone Number – 403-454-2646

Our Favourites

  • Original Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Tonkotsu Red Ramen
  • Thin egg noodles
  • Gyoza (housemade)
  • Green tea jugs

Why is Ramen Ichinen one of the best ramen restaurants in Calgary? This Japanese noodle house is more than deserving of this list.

To start, Ichinen has a separate menu for spice with four different tiers, each with increasing hotness. The top level of spice is made from two of the world's hottest chilli peppers, so be careful! There are even cute little anime faces exploding with fire for the level 4 spicy description to give the proper warning to those who dare.

Ichinen also has a ton of different customizable options. You get 1.5x the amount of noodles for free if you want, a choice of lean shoulder or fatty belly pork cha shu, mixed greens or onion, thick or thin noodles and several different ingredients to add.

This ramen restaurant in Calgary also has unique broths you won't find anywhere else. They even have a little stand on the table that takes you through the four steps to make their broth in-house.

The original tonkotsu is unbelievable with its delightful sesame taste. Also, the gyoza dumplings are made in-house -- you can taste the difference.

Goro & Gun


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A post shared by GORO+GUN (@goroandgun)

  • Address – #245 – 225 7th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-968-6679

Our Favourites

  • Tonkotsu ramen
  • Mazemen ramen
  • Seared yellow tail roll
  • Chinook tuna / albacore tuna sashimi
  • Ramen burgers

Ramen Ichinen may just be one of the best ramen restaurants in Calgary’s downtown core. Established in 2014, its longevity is a testament to its success as a go-to spot for Japanese cuisine all-round.

Since then, Goro + Gun has made a lasting impression with its cool Japanesque décor and noodle soups, considered some of the best ramen in Calgary.

Other Japanese cuisine favourites such as bento, teppanyaki, sushi and sashimi make Goro + Gun the perfect place to head for lunch in the city centre even if you’re not feeling like a good bowl of ramen.

In for a drink? Try one of several different kinds of sake on Goro + Gun’s extensive drink menu which also includes Nikka whiskeys and beers, all sourced from the land of the rising sun.

Ikemen Ramen Bar


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A post shared by Ikemen (@ikemencalgary)

Our Favourites

  • Spicy miso ramen
  • Mushroom ramen (vegetarian)
  • Mango roll
  • Unagi poutine
  • Beef tataki

Ikemen Ramen Bar has an awesome traditional-like ambiance inside, plus a decent-sized patio great for spring and summer right on 10th Street NW. The interior features with wood finishings and communal tables give it an authentic Japanese-like feel.

The food feels just as authentic, served in large bowls and packed with ingredients that make each ramen on the menu unique in its own respect.

For the solo diners, there are six streetside booth seats for you to peer out and watch the hustle and bustle along 10th Street as you indulge in some of the best ramen in Calgary.

Menyatai Japanese Noodles


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A post shared by Menyatai Japanese Noodles (@menyatai_calgary) on

  • Address - 24 12th Street NW
  • Phone Number - 403-263-3666

Our favourites

  • Extra BBQ pork ramen
  • Spicy tonkotsu ramen
  • Curry ramen
  • Beef teri udon
  • Takoyaki

This cozy Japanese noodle house in Kensington makes a strong impression on its customers not only because of its wide selection of ramen bowls, but also via its cute boutique-like interior.

Notice the photo above that shows nine different kinds of Japanese noodle soups. We've tried almost all of them, and love each and every one!

If you don't necessarily feel like soup, Menyatai's menu offers a decent selection of donburi, udon and complimentary appetizers like edamame, takoyaki and shumai.

Try spicing up your ramen just as you like it with a small but essential selection of add-ons like seaweed, egg and pork/chicken chasu.

With an excellent selection, great taste and customizable options, Menyatai Japanese Noodles is a must-try on our list of best ramen in Calgary!

Shiki Menya Ramen


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A post shared by Shiki Menya (@shikimenya)

  • Address - 827 1st Avenue NE
  • Phone Number - 403-454-2722

Our favourites

  • Tonkotsu black ramen
  • Chilli goma ramen
  • Feature ramen
  • O.G. char siu tacos
  • House-made gyoza

Named one of the best new Calgary restaurants in 2015, Shiki Menya comes from the family who owns the already well-known and well-liked Shikiji restaurant.

Japanese egg noodle soup is the star of the menu at this top ramen restaurant in Calgary where you’ll find a vast selection of traditional favourites mixed in with new types.

Shiki Menya's chilli goma and black tonkotsu should be on your list to try; we think these bowls are two of the best individual ramen bowls in the city hands down.

A limited number of bowls and house-made noodles are served up each day, so it's best to give Shiki Menya’s social media accounts a follow so you don't waste your time. Also, call them to check if they're open, as they may be sold out for the day!

JINYA Ramen Bar


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A post shared by JINYA Ramen Bar (@jinyaramenbar) on

Our favourites

  • Tonkotsu black
  • Cha cha cha
  • Wonton chicken ramen
  • Pork chasu bowl
  • 20+ toppings

JINYA Ramen Bar is a chain restaurant on our list of best ramen in Calgary that doesn't let you down in terms of the quality of food it serves. Originating in Los Angeles several years ago, it most definitely isn’t the least experienced in the game.

With several locations all over the United States and in other major Canadian cities, you can count on its extensive ramen menu that includes a huge selection of complimentary appetizers, rice bowls and even mini tacos that make for an all-inclusive dining experience.

We were impressed by the countless topping add-ons available to customize your selection. With over 20 to choose from, you’ll never have a ramen bowl quite like the last when at JINYA in Mission.

Gagana Ramen


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A post shared by Sam Cheung (@yutyeesam) on

  • Address – #101 – 5421 11th Street NE
  • Phone Number - 403-274-0726

Our favourites

  • Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Spicy Miso Ramen
  • Housemade noodles
  • Traditional broth temperature
  • Pressed green tea

Gagana departs from the typical ramen restaurant in Calgary because this place is owned by Gagana Japan, which means their dishes are served like they are often back home in Asia -- at a lukewarm temperature, instead of hot.

This difference was at first surprising but delightful because you can begin indulging in your bowl right away. There’s no stopping to blow on noodles or cool the inside of your mouth by huffing and puffing.

Apart from the temperature, the ingredients used were also slightly different. Gagana uses a rich brown coloured bamboo shoot that has amazing flavour, is softer to chew and easier to eat as a result. The Calgary ramen restaurant also includes a ton of lightly cooked cabbage which adds a nice change up of texture from the soft egg noodles and other ingredients.

The broth is rich in flavour with a nice balance of sweetness and spice. It compliments Gagana’s housemade egg noodles rather perfectly and combines the rest of the dish ingredients seamlessly, making for some of the best ramen in Calgary.

Muku Japanese Ramen


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A post shared by Kayla Nam (@kaylag.nam)

Our Favourites

  • Tonkotsu
  • Koku - Miso soup
  • Chasu rice bowl
  • Takoyaki

Muku Japanese Ramen offers traditional Japanese fare alongside an extensive list of ramen bowls,  making it a great choice if you like variety. The ramen here comes in several varieties including classic shoyu, regular and spicy tonkotsu and many more. Traditional Japanese appetizers such as gyoza and edamame are also on the menu, as are some unique miso soups including chasu and butter variants.

Muku's prices are also something to boast about, with their menu starting off relatively lower than most other best ramen restaurants in Calgary. Located on 14th Street NW in Hillhurst, it is also relatively accessible from the Kensington District, SAIT and the Bow River pathways.

Be forewarned that Muku is closed on Mondays!

I Love Ramen!

Looking for more of the best local restaurants, activities and everything else to do with “the heart of the new west?” If so, we invite you to join us at Calgaryism on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram today – we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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