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Best Sushi in Calgary: 15 Sushi Restaurants You’ll Love

  • October 29, 2023
  • By Cody Battershill

Top 15 Sushi Restaurants in Calgary

Where to Find the Best Sushi in Calgary?

Updated October 2023

Where to go if you're craving some of the best sushi in Calgary? There are many sushi restaurants around town, and some are much better than others, without a doubt. So, we've made a list of our absolute favourites which have stayed open over the years - a true testament to them being the best Japanese restaurants around!

Here is Calgaryism's list of our top Japanese/sushi restaurants in the city. Let us know which ones you like in the comments section below, and we'll add it to our list of best sushi in Calgary! Also see:

Sushi Bar Zipang

Zipang is one of the top sushi restaurants in Calgary, even among the other establishments on this list. Known for its fresh, high-quality fish, Zipang has some of the best-tasting sashimi slices we've ever tried in Calgary, which almost makes you think Calgary borders the ocean, like Vancouver!

Located on 1st Avenue NE in Bridgeland, Sushi Bar Zipang is committed to authenticity; its menu is very reminiscent of Tokyo, Japan, the closest we've ever seen in YYC.

Reserve a table or hit up Zipang during non-peak times and days, as it may be tough to get in. That's how good Zipang is, and we will keep going back again and again.



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Rated as one of Canada's top 50 restaurants for the past several years, Shokunin is a highly acclaimed Japanese restaurant in Calgary's Mission community.

Located on 4th Street SW in the Business Improvement Area, Shokunin serves up high-class sushi and sashimi along with other Japanese cuisine delights such as ramen, yakitori, wagyu, and so much more.

Our favourites include the Charcoal Avocado, Bison Tataki, Tori Ramen and the Hanetsuki Braised Beef Gyoza. Shokunin also serves up several excellent cocktails and sake bottles for groups of all sizes.

Hana Sushi Central


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A post shared by Hana Sushi YYC (@hanasushiyyc)

Hana is a top sushi restaurant in Calgary near 17th Avenue SW on 4th Street SW. Its location, about half a block south of the Red Mile, makes it an ideal Japanese restaurant to try for sushi lovers in the Downtown, Beltline, Mission and Cliff Bungalow areas.

Hana has an extensive menu with over 100 options, serving some of the freshest and most succulent sashimi slices in town. It also has a spacious table arrangement with comfy padded seats that do well for long dinner conversations and romantic evenings for two.

I've received 10% off coupons the last few times I've dined there, a wicked offer for deal-seekers!

Globefish Marda Loop

Globefish Sushi and Izakaya in Marda Loop is by far the best of the three Globefish restaurants in Calgary. It has consistently has the best-tasting food out of all locations.

Inside, you'll find a cozy, modern atmosphere great for intimate one-on-one dates and/or conversations that need due care and attention. We especially love the Tsunami Salmon Rol, Vancouver Roll, and the Lava Stone Roll. Their sushi burritos are also a taste of perfection; the Japanese Cowboy will make any sushi lover return for more.

Find Globefish on the main strip of 33rd Avenue SW in the Marda Loop Business Improvement Area (BIA).

Big Catch Sushi

This successful sushi restaurant on Macleod Trail has now expanded from its once small kiosk inside Market on Macleod into a full-sized restaurant. Its new location is now open for business!

We decided to check out its new location, and boy, oh boy, we weren't disappointed with our dining experience by any means. They even have kyoto-style (pressed) sushi here; I thought you could only find that in Vancouver and Japan!

Located at the Save on Foods shopping plaza, its presentation and quality ingredients are second to none in the city. We mean it! The food is excellent, and so is the service. Hands down, this Japanese restaurant is quite the "big catch" in the south, if you know what I mean!

Pocket Holic


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A post shared by Pocket Holic YYC (@pocket_holic)

Try Japanese cuisine differently at Pocket Holic. Located at Tenshi Sushi's old location in the Kensington Business Improvement Area, Pocket Holic serves up sushi and different dishes such as "pressed sushi rolls" and "poke bowls" that will never cease to amaze.

Pocket Holic also serves a wide selection of delicious Japanese noodle bowls and noodle soups. Our favourites include the Chicken Alfredo Udon and Odeng Soup – both 100% must-try's.

But where Pocket Holic shines is its pocket sushi and pressed sushi rolls. We loved their wide selection of pressed sushi (Vancouver style), pressed into cubes with rice on the bottom and fish + other ingredients on top.

Try the Fire Red Dragon, Green Hawaiian and Black Dragon Oshizushi rolls, which are also all very reasonably priced considering how much pressed sushi is at other restaurants in Calgary and Vancouver.

Sushi Boat


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A post shared by Sushi Boat (@sushiboatnw)

Sushi Boat service is unique when it comes to Japanese cuisine in Calgary. You can either order from your server or grab plates that float around boats along the perimeter of the kitchen and start to eat to your heart's content.

At Sushi Boat, plates are colour-coded, giving you an idea of how much they cost. Prices range between nearly $3 to over $6, with a wide selection of rolls priced around $10 to $13.

Sushi Boat tends to be quite busy because of its fair prices for relatively high-quality food, so it is recommended to go at non-peak times as they don't take reservations. This is a place to go for some of the best sushi in northwest Calgary!

Sushi Hiro Japanese

Sushi Hiro is the perfect place to visit for those in the downtown core looking for delicious Japanese cuisine. Located on 5th Avenue between 6th and 7th Street SW on the south side of the block, Hiro boasts traditional Japanese seating and decor and some of the best classic sushi cuisine in the city.

Hiro and his family run Sushi Hiro, and they're always working. I love the family touch and the fact that Hiro or his son is behind the sushi bar; the master chef is serving you! Go there and ask Hiro to try new and different types of sushi you have never had– an adventurous and exciting way to eat some of the best Japanese food in Calgary!

The quality of fish is fantastic, and the entire experience has a very traditional and authentic feel. It's definitely an excellent spot to go for some of the best sushi in Calgary in the downtown area!

Midori Japanese Cafe


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A post shared by @nvfoods

Midori is an unsuspecting sushi restaurant on the west end of the Red Mile in the Beltline. Walking in, you'll find a quaint, traditional-like Japanese ambiance with limited seating; it's one of those restaurants that you'll have a hard time getting a table at during lunch or dinner rush.

Midori's sashimi is quite fresh, and the prices are very decent. Looking at the menu, you'll notice a large selection of appetizers, rolls, sashimi and even some Korean dishes.

We loved the friendly staff who did a great job of serving us over our near-three-hour sushi social stint. Head down to Midori for some of the best Japanese cuisine on the Red Mile!

Towa Sushi & Lounge


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A post shared by Towa Sushi YYC (@towasushi)

If you like big rolls and thick sashimi, Towa is the Japanese restaurant for you! What's important to note, however, is that Towa never sacrifices quality; you get a really good deal for the price and are full by the end of your meal!

Towa recently redid its menu to a simpler version. We were initially skeptical about the possibility of a new owner/chef, but then realized it was the same high-quality sushi Towa is known for.

Unlike many other top sushi restaurants in Calgary, Towa's suburban location in the West District of Calgary makes it a go-to spot for residents in areas like Aspen, Cougar Ridge and West Springs.

Black Pepper

We weren't sure about this Asian street fair restaurant in the Beltline because of its variety of food, but little did we know that it has some of the best sushi in Calgary. We've now gone to Black Pepper about a dozen times over the past year, with each visit being just as good as the last.

Inside Black Pepper, you'll find a warming contemporary atmosphere with elegant decor and a mix of full/half booth seats. The extensive menu includes food from many Asian cultures: Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, but with an emphasis on Japanese cuisine.

Our favourites include the salmon Avocado Roll, Rainbow Roll, and Rapture Roll, all of which emanate the deliciousness of Kanpai's top-rated sushi rolls. With the same owners, it's no wonder that Black Pepper is just as good as this now-closed restaurant that was found in the exact location!

Meshi Sushi & Rice Bowl


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A post shared by Meshi (@meshi.sushi)

(Temporarily Closed) - Meshi is another downtown restaurant where you'll find some of the best sushi in Calgary.

Known for its high-quality sashimi and not-so-usual rice bowls, Meshi is an excellent option if you're craving sushi in the downtown business core or for delivery in nearby communities such as East Village, the Beltline or Bridgeland.

Haru Sushi & Grill


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A post shared by Victoria Park Calgary (@vicparkyyc)

Haru Sushi & Grill, although a chain restaurant, deserves credit where it's due. With three locations around the city, it's become known as one of the go-to restaurants for nigiri, sushi, sashimi, udon and other types of dishes.

We highly recommend checking out the downtown or westside locations. We've been to both and have been delighted with not only our dining experience, but the overall quality and freshness of the food.

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Kinjo Sushi & Grill


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A post shared by Kinjo Sushi & Grill (@kinjo_sushi)

No one does it better than Kinjo when it comes to chain sushi restaurants. With four locations around the city, its popularity is a testament to its success as one of the best Calgary sushi restaurants there is.

Kinjo is known for its affordable prices and extensive menu that gives customers a great selection of not just sushi, but other Japanese cuisine delights as well. We really love the location up on Coventry Hills near Deerfoot Trail. It's excellent!

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Best Calgary Sushi Restaurants

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