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Eau Claire Calgary Condo Community Profile

  • December 14, 2017
  • By Cody Battershill

Eau Claire Calgary Condo Community ProfileRiverWalk outfront of Princeton Luxury downtown Calgary condos

Eau Claire is a downtown condo community in Calgary located between the Bow River, 2nd Street SW, 3rd avenue SW and 8th Street SW. It was established in 1885 without having its official name just yet, one that was later adopted from the Eau Claire Lumber Company in 1886.

Eau Claire was once a quiet riverside residential community without much development. In recent decades the neighbouring business district of downtown Calgary has influenced the area, penetrating all aspects of Eau Claire and promoting new urban developments such as riverside condo complexes.

The community has a character created by both natural and urban environments that come together seamlessly to create one of the most enjoyable ambiances in the city centre. Amenities are available in Eau Claire Market as well as surrounding business districts north of the river and further south of 3rd Avenue SW.

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Amenities and Services

Eau Claire Market is a handy resource for residents looking to shop, eat and be entertained close to their new riverside real estate in downtown Calgary. The shopping centre has a full spectrum of businesses, numbered at over 50 and counting! Fitness gym, grocery market, dining... you name it, it’s there.

This area is set to undergo a massive renovation that will bring even more businesses to the area in the coming years. Other services are found within a few kilometre radius on different main routes such as 16th Avenue North and Centre Street.

A main attraction for potential condo buyers in Eau Claire is the ability to live a downtown lifestyle, preventing wasted time stuck in traffic while running daily errands. Chinatown and the Chinese Cultural Centre are also adjacent to the downtown condo community.

Everything is available to you in the Eau Claire area including a several options to use public transportation that makes for efficient and car-free traveling time.

Eau Claire Designated SchoolsI love Calgary

Eau Claire doesn’t have any public schools in the area, but the designated schools for public education aren’t too far away. Elementary designation is to Connaught Elementary in the Beltline area. Student’s grade seven to nine are designated to Mount Royal Junior High and grades ten to twelve are designated to Western Canada High School. Downtown also has multiple post-secondary institutions such as Bow Valley College that serve students all ages.

Eau Claire Demographics (2014)

  • Ages 0 to 19 - 8%
  • Ages 20 to 64 - 70%
  • Ages 65 and up - 21%
  • Occupied dwellings in 2014 - 1,187
  • Percent of occupied dwellings occupied by owner - 52%
  • Percent of occupied dwellings that are single-family - 0%
  • Median household income before tax (2010) - $90,762

Eau Claire Demographics (2009)

  • Ages 24 and below (2011) – 10%
  • Ages 25 to 54 (2011)– 47.7%
  • Ages 55 and up (2011)– 42.3%
  • Average household income - $75,606 (Statistics Canada, 2006 Census)
  • Percentage of population with a High School Diploma or higher – 89.1%
  • Ratio of residents who own their property – 66.0%
  • Ratio of residents who rent their property – 33.5%

Public Transportation

Public transportation provided in the area is abundant, with many different stops. Walking south to the LRT terminals takes less than five minutes. Getting around without a car has never been easier.

Some routes in the area or nearby include South Calgary, Mount Royal, Lakeview, Ogden, Downtown Shuttle, Signal Hill, Coach Hill, Strathcona, Killarney, Richmond Road, Sarcee Road, McKenzie Towne, Tuscany, 69th Street and many more! Downtown rush hour express shuttles can get you to outer city suburban communities quickly.

Eau Claire Community Boundaries:

  • Northern Border – the Bow River
  • Eastern Border – 2nd Street SW from the Bow River to 3rd Avenue SW
  • Southern Border – 3rd Avenue SW from 2nd Street SW to 8th Street SW
  • Western Border – 8th Street SW from 3rd Avenue SW to the Bow River

Questions about Eau Claire Real Estate?

Calgary condo specialist, condo expert get the best condo adviceWith several years of experience in helping people buy and sell Eau Claire condominiums, I promise to provide you with only the best service, advice and expertise the industry has to offer while taking care of all your real estate needs.

Call me anytime at 403-370-4180 or message me below for a quick, if not immediate response. I am looking forward to helping you accomplish your downtown condo goals! Satisfaction Guaranteed Remax Calgary

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