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Calgary Home Selling Tips for the Seasons

  • August 22, 2016
  • By Cody Battershill

Whether it's Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter... Keep These Home Sellers Tips in MindBe prepared to sell your home in any season

How does selling your home in winter differ from doing so in the summer time? Or in fall instead of spring?

While there are a ton of things you can do to show your home best any time of the year, there are also some subtle home selling tips for the seasons you definitely will want to consider.

For example, with June 21st being the longest day of the year, you are assured that the interior of your home will have ample natural lighting entering throughout the day and well into the evening.

On the other hand, December 21st is the shortest day of the year which means that you won't be able to do much about the darkness. However, you can still control the marketing by sharing both the tangible and intangible benefits of living on your home with every potential buyer...

- Spring & Summer Seasons -


Get that yard into tip-top shapeTools Maintenance Home Garden Landscaping

Most buyers make a 60-second decision on if they are interested in your home after a first glance.

This is why why curb appeal is so important when trying to maximize your chance of a successful sale. Make sure to:

  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Maintain a healthy looking lawn
  • Have any spring garden and pot flowers planted
  • Pressure wash the driveway, front walk, patio(s) and home exterior
  • Wash all exterior windows

Spruce up your main entrance

Anyone viewing your home will spend some time lingering at the main entrance as they wait for their real estate agent to open the lock box and retrieve the key. These are absolutely crucial moments that could make or break an impression, and a home sale. Consider:

  • Cleaning the front porch thoroughly
  • Repainting the main door and porch
  • Making use of properly staged outdoor patio furniture
  • Adding some colour by using flower pots
  • Replacing old doormats and mailboxes

Have the lights on and keep it coolHome air conditioning system get home ready for summer tips

Just because summer is the brightest season of the year doesn't mean that the lights should go off - even during broad daylight!

Also, because of the summer heat, you'll want to maintain a cool ambiance inside your home. Remember:

  • During any viewing all lights should be on
  • Blinds should be open to allow natural light to enter
  • Windows should be open to allow for a cool breeze throughout
  • Air conditioning and /or ceiling fans should be set accordingly
  • Use of stand-alone fans is also a good idea

Spring cleaning inside your home

Only good can come from a weekend of spring cleaning when thinking of putting your home on the market sometime soon as over the winter dust and other clutter can easily pile up. What to do:

  • Change your air filter and clean out the  furnace / air conditioning unit
  • Declutter kitchen drawers and cabinets
  • Box up and put away winter clothes
  • Clean out the pantry, fridge and closets
  • Dust the entire home, wash window interiors and blinds

Expand your living space outdoorsCalgary inner city home buyers guide to fencing and landscaping

Many homes nowadays don't just have a patch of grass for a back yard, but essentially an extra living space.

Fire pits, barbecue grills, swimming pools, pergola's and comfortable patio furniture can be a huge draw when trying to attract potential buyers. Keep in mind:

  • Clean any patio furniture and appliances spotless
  • Ensure walkways are clean
  • Repaint deck if it looks ratty
  • If there's a pool or hot tub, make sure they are functioning and crystal clear
  • Once again, make use of colourful potted and garden flowers

Keep it colourful and lush

When we say colourful, we mean inside and out. Colour is a great way to add style to your home, but keep in mind that ones used inside should be of a neutral nature so that you aren't imposing your own taste onto someone else. Think about:

  • Continuing to maintain that lush lawn and colourful plants from spring
  • Replacing towels, hand towels and dish rags with lighter colours
  • Replacing bed sheets and curtains with more colourful ones
  • Using mild aromas from real flowers, candles or air fresheners

 - Fall & Winter Seasons -


Create curb appealFall Cleanup - Leaves in Gutter

Just because its fall or winter doesn't mean that your home can't impress buyers driving up to it with its curb appeal.

There are a ton of different ways you can accomplish this; a few things you may want to consider:

  • Decorations such as fall flowers and pumpkins
  • Using a fall wreath to highlight the front door
  • Clean the eaves troughs and home exterior on a warm day
  • Add designer-savvy lighting on walkways and patio spaces
  • Having shiny, happy home numbers

Maintain a warm temperature and have ample lighting

Potential buyers are likely viewing more than one home at a time, meaning they are running in and out of cars or up and down condominium elevators. You want your home to be a respite from the cold and dark outside, so make sure to:

  • Monitor the temperature of your home appropriately; not too hot, not too cold
  • Turn on the fireplace before an open house or showing
  • Have the lights on in every room
  • Keep blinds open at all hours of the day
  • Have entrance ways and walkways lit adequately

Keep walkways clearWinterize-Your-Calgary-Home-Snow-Shovel

Perhaps one of the most important things for home sellers to keep in mind during the fall and winter is to make sure all pathways in and out of the home are clear and free of debris.

This task may be strenuous, but it is extremely important. Remember to:

  • Shovel freshly laid snow as soon as possible off of walkways and driveway
  • De-ice walkways prior to viewings if possible; no one needs to slip
  • Try and clean up free debris from plants and trees as best as possible
  • Remove any dead vegetation in any pots or the garden
  • Also keep the sidewalks in front of the home free of snow and ice

Be prepared for the weather

If it's snowing or raining outside, as a home seller you need to be prepared for what's going to be happening at the entrance of their home - even if its just in the mudroom or front door. Consider:

  • Having waterproof mats at all entrances accompanied by a "shoes off" sign
  • Making use of a shoe tray or appropriate storage area for shoes
  • Organizing closets where home viewers will be hanging their attire
  • Offering a cup of hot chocolate or coffee at the front entrance
  • Making use of a small space heater at the entrance

Make things cozymaintain a cozy home fireplace home sellers tips

The fall and winter seasons are the perfect time to make your home feel like a cozy reprieve from the outdoors.

Not only do you have an excuse, but its makes for a much more comfortable living space when there are no viewings. Consider:

  • Using appropriate accessories such as thick roll out rugs, blankets and pillows
  • Hanging plush towels in the bathrooms
  • Having appropriate bedding for colder seasons
  • Decorating for the season: wreaths, Christmas lights, etc.
  • Making use of candles and other cozy touches

Display your home in the spring and / or summer

Fall and winter seasons usually experience less sales activity than the spring and summer for a couple different reasons, but mainly due to outside temperature. Consider displaying your home in the spring and summer to potential buyers by:

  • Creating a slideshow of quality photos on the living room TV
  • Making a photo book and have it display on the kitchen counter
  • Use digital picture frames to scroll through several photos
  • Try to emphasis features unavailable to view in the fall or winter
  • Capture the look and feel of the home in the warmer months as best as possible

Following these quick pointers will not only fully market your homes potential in every season, but also get buyers thinking about how their lifestyle could fit perfectly into your home and experience it to the fullest!

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