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7 Best Tips for Selling Your Home in Fall & Winter

  • September 2, 2022
  • By Cody Battershill

how to best sell your home in fall or winter cold seasons

How to Help Sell Your Home in Fall/Winter

Are you thinking about selling your home during the fall or winter? While sales activity typically peaks in the spring and summer seasons, there are several actions you can take to make your home feel warm and inviting when moving forward with a sale in colder weather.

Here are a handful of tips for you to consider when selling your home in the fall or winter that will help your transaction be a success! Also see:

#1 – Make a summer photo albumsummery home with flowers

Showing buyers what your property looks like year-round by creating a photo album of how it looks in the spring and summer is a sure way to get your home sold in the fall/winter.

This album can be in the form of a digital slideshow or actual photos in a display case, either of which will help buyers envision how your home looks when vegetation is lush green and in full bloom.

All patios, decks, outdoor furniture, and other outdoor living/recreational spaces should be highlighted in this album. Also, make sure to photograph nearby ravines, parks, water features and green spaces to give potential buyers an idea of what it would be like living in your community during the warmer seasons.

Properties typically show the best when it's warm and lush outside, therefore a summer photo album can be instrumental in perking the interest of potential buyers.

#2 - Take due care of first impressions

Snow or leaf-covered walkways can make your curb appeal go from hero to zero real quick, so it’s absolutely in your best interests to keep your driveways, exterior furniture and patios clear and free of debris.

Home exteriors that are damaged or dirty in any way, shape or form can also kill your curb appeal with potential buyers, so take due care to inspect it carefully before listing your home on the market.

Additionally, clearing your outdoor spaces - patio, garden, balcony, etc. - will help potential buyers explore these areas and get a good feel for them. Bringing attention to these features will help visitors envision themselves and their families using them accordingly during the warmer seasons.

For more tips on how to boost your home's curb appeal and help get it sold during the fall/winter months, also see:

#3 – Let the light in, and let it outhome interior bathroom skylight upstairs infill property

Less natural light during the fall and winter seasons means you’ll have to use all sources available to brighten up your home. Here are a few quick tips on letting the light into your home during an autumn or winter sale:

• Opening up your blinds and curtains will make your windows look more prominent and let the flow of natural light in during the daytime.

• Change out dim lightbulbs for brighter ones to create a warm and sunny feel for showings at night. Make sure to check the maximum amperage; don't buy a 100A lightbulb for a lamp that can only use a 60A one (hazard).

• Use landscape lights to highlight walkways and outdoor living spaces, boosting appeal but also guiding potential buyers to areas outside you want them to discover.

Scented candles can add another level to the experience visitors have while viewing your home, but don’t overdo it.

Clean all surfaces so that they sparkle, shine, and reflect light better than if they were dusty and dirty.

• Remove unnecessary area rugs to increase the reflectivity of light on your floors.

#4 – The warmer, the better

Button up your home and keep it warm by checking for leaks wherever possible.

Window frames and door seals are the usual culprits, although older windows can themselves be total sieves when it comes to retaining heat within your home.

Consider buying window films from your local home department store; they are inexpensive and will do the trick to keep everything toasty and comfortable for potential buyers.

Ensure your home’s heating system is well-maintained and operating at its best. Consider turning up the heat a smidgeon over what you’re used to during the fall or winter to create a warm and inviting feeling inside your home.

There are several inexpensive steps you can take to help sell your home in the fall/winter by cold-proofing it, more of which is discussed here:

#5 – Perform standard home maintenancestandard home maintenance checklist

Selling your home in fall or winter means you should consider these critical repairs before opening your doors to viewings by potential buyers:

Kitchen appliances -> Ensure your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave and hood fan are all in good working order. Kitchens are the focal point of any main floor, and potential buyers will quickly notice if something is broken or looks shabby.

Cabinets -> Another focal point of your home. Wherever they may be – kitchen, bathroom, utility room – make sure any scratches and dings are repaired as best as possible before showings. A chip or scratch on a coloured cabinet is rather noticeable and will create the impression that your home is poorly maintained.

Bathtubs & showers -> Fixtures should run free of mineral buildup and flow straight. Bathtub faucets and drains should all be free of rush stains (the reddish-brown coloured layer that forms on metal, a.k.a. iron oxide). There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than those stains when viewing bathrooms. The ceiling exhaust vents should be working perfectly, and be cleared of any dirt or debris.

Sinks & faucets -> Water fixtures should run leak-free, and all drains should be cleared and running efficiently. Garburators need to be maintained accordingly; a worn garburator may make an uneasy sound that could have potential buyers question just how well the home has been maintained over the years. Also, if there is any smell emanating from the garburator, make sure to get rid of it.

Walls & ceilings -> Drywall holes from hanging art or pictures should be sealed up and painted accordingly. Also, consider removing old-fashioned wallpaper, given that potential buyers are unlikely to share your exact tastes. And absolutely make sure to remove any personal items, keeping them long out of sight.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to performing thorough home maintenance before selling your home in fall or winter. See our checklist for more tasks:

#6 - Use seasonal decor

Christmas and other winter holidays are associated with love, warmth and family. Hence, by being sensitive to these special annual events, you can make your home feel more inviting - and appealing to viewers as a result.

No one expects a home to be barren during the colder seasons; make sure to utilize warm decorations like furry pillows, for example, and other sensible items of the sort to stage your home.

Pine-scented candles, low-volume holiday music, freshly baked cookies, or hot cocoa for visitors are all great ways to make a good first impression.

Resist the urge to overdo it, however. With too much clutter, it could make it look like you're hiding something.

#7 - Clean up between showingstips to selling your home during the colder seasons

An overlooked aspect of selling your home in the fall/winter is clean up.

Do your absolute best to tidy up as best as you can between showings. In colder climates, potential buyers may be coming into the home with their shoes on (hopefully they would be courteous enough to leave them at the door) and track in slush and snow.

Often enough, the best strategy for cleanups is to prevent your house from getting dirty in the first place. Buy some shoe trays and keep a wet mop handy to clean up any slush and other muck that gets tracked into your home.

And don't just expect people to follow the rules. Put up a sign on the front door that is clearly visible, politely asking people to remove their boots and leave them on the trays at the door.

Ensure you don’t lose focus on the outside walkways too; they are just as important and should be de-iced/cleared regularly.

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