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5 Facts You Should Know About Infill Homes

What You Should Know about Infill Homes

New Calgary Infill Altadore Inner City

What is there to know about infill homes? Lot’s to say the least, which is why some real estate agents have created entire guides for inner city homes to help buyers along their way.

Regardless of whether you’re in the market for an infill, suburban home, townhome or perhaps a condo, you should always do as much research needed to gain a good understanding of the segment you’re interested in before making any decisions.

With that in mind, here’s a few facts you should know about infill homes in Calgary (and infill homes in general). Learn more about and browse all Calgary Inner City Homes today.

#1 – Infills are in high demandRichmond Park Knob Hill Homes for Sale

Infill homes in Calgary are in high demand. There’s only a limited amount of real estate to go around in the inner city, and a limited amount of old construction properties are available for development at any given time.

Another type of property which developers are just as keen to build in the area are new condos and townhomes. Some inner city communities have the appropriate zoning to allow for these projects, resulting in even more competition between themselves and infill builders for potential developmental lots.

High demand in a specific segment is always a good thing for home owners when the time comes to sell (if it ever does). But then and again, many infill residents tend to stay for the long term because of the countless benefits an inner city lifestyle brings.

#2 – Infills come in many forms

One of the reasons why infill homes are so appealing is the fact that nearly no two are alike. Unless a developer buys out several adjacent lots and builds similar homes (happens often), almost every infill you’ll see has a unique design in its own respect.

This provides an incredible selection of infills to choose from as a home buyer. The uniqueness of infill exteriors often extends inwards to the interior, making every home showing as exciting as the last.

Most infills are luxury developments as well, leading to the inclusion of custom features such as sauna showers, hot tubs, wine closets, theatre rooms and others of the sort. These will tickle the fancy of nearly any prospective buyer.

#3 – Architectural guidelinesCalgary Inner City Homes Infills

Architectural design guidelines provide a design framework for home builders to ensure their product harmonizes with the surroundings while demonstrating a high standard of quality.

Older inner city communities in Calgary do not adhere to the same architectural guidelines you’ll see set forth by developers in suburban neighbourhoods. You may see two newly constructed infill homes in Hillhurst, for example, with completely different architectural designs.

This opportunity, along with the demand for new inner city homes, are two main reasons why custom home builders are snatching up as many inner city lots as possible. Redevelopment allows them to create a totally custom product that appeals to a wide range of infill buyers.

#4 – Infill construction boosts community appeal

Infill home construction can sometimes increase the average value of homes in a given community. In many instances, they may even raise the average selling price of comparable real estate in the area.

These new homes also boost curb appeal and brighten up streetscapes with fresh paint and stylish design.

Without a doubt, new infill homes are part of a much-needed renovation of inner city neighbourhoods with old construction homes dating back to the post-war era.

#5 – Power linesNew Infill Construction Calgary

This is one fact about infill homes you should get used to. Not many people like to discuss it, but you should be aware that because of the age of inner city communities in Calgary, most have power lines which are strung up on posts along back alleys.

There’s not much you can do about those nasty looking power lines either. But hey, at least they are in the back alley and don’t obstruct frontal yards and views.

Some backstreets have had the power lines adapted to be put into the ground, but this is very limited as it costs a lot of money to do.\

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Are you planning on a move to an inner city community? If so, you’ll want only the best service and advice from an expert real estate agent, one who knows infill homes inside and out.

If you don’t have a real estate agent in mind to help you with your transaction, be sure to check out our complete Calgary REALTOR® Interview Guide to help you with that process. Our guide will help point you towards finding the right real estate agent for the job.

These questions should combine with online research on a neighbourhood expert and client testimonials when making a final decision on what agent you will use! The best of luck!

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