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What Are Infill Homes? Pros and Cons to Infill Living

  • April 1, 2022
  • By Cody Battershill

What Are Infill Homes?

what is an infill home pros and cons of infills

The term "infill" describes a form of residential construction where a new home is built on an older lot and the old structure is removed. Hence, the existing lot is "filled in" with a new construction build and is called an "infill."

These new homes are typically constructed in well-established inner city communities of large cities such as Calgary and Edmonton. In Calgary, most of these neighbourhoods are from the post-war era (WWII), from the late 1940s to the early 1960s.

Begin your infill search:

Infill Characteristics

what is an infill home? - attached style

Attached Infill

When most people think of an infill home, there are characteristics that immediately come to mind. Infills are:

  • New or relatively new construction (since 2000)
  • Often highly customized with sleek and modern design
  • In close proximity to the downtown core
  • Conveniently located near amenities
  • Attached or detached style

Infill homes also typically provide homeowners with the opportunity to live a walkable lifestyle, the level of which is determined by the community they are in. If a walkable lifestyle is important for you, then you'll want to carefully evaluate which community you buy an infill in.

Consider how long it would take to walk to nearby amenities -- if they are too far, you may want to look at buying in another more walkable inner city neighbourhood altogether. Also see:

Attached vs. Detached Infills

what is an infill home? - detached style

Detached Infill

Infills typically come in either an attached or detached layout, types of which are pretty self-explanatory.

> Attached infills are built in pairs and share a common wall with at least one other unit. They are also often categorized as a duplex-style (semi-detached) home.

> Detached infills are a true "single-family" home that stands alone without a common wall or attachment to another residence.

Infill buyers should be well aware of the differences between attached and detached infills before beginning their home search. Learn more here:

houses for sale in Killarney Calgary

Infill Homes in Calgary

Pros of Infill Homes

  • Highly customized to fit the needs of each individual customer
  • Quick-and-easy accessibility to the downtown area
  • Amenities and services are plentiful in number
  • Inner city property tends to appreciate in value rather than depreciate
  • Access to an extensive network of green spaces, river pathways and recreational centres
  • Entertainment and nightlife are all found in the area and closeby
  • More time to live instead of wasting time spent in traffic jams to and from suburbia
  • Save time from shorter commutes plus abundant public transportation
  • Mature, lush vegetation and trees and an abundance of park space
  • Population density is higher and access to downtown is convenient

Cons of Infill Homes

  • Built-in communities with higher population density can translate to less space between lots and privacy
  • Sometimes skinny floorplans limit the type of furniture you can buy
  • Less windows due to city bylaw requirements or attached layout
  • More costly versus similar suburban homes due to lot value and customization
  • Attached garages make it difficult for homeowners to build a new garage or garage suite in the backyard
  • Infill homes are built new but don’t always have the old underground piping replaced which could cause issues

Buying an Infill Home

Attached Infill

Buying an infill home doesn't mean that the floor plan has to be skinny and tall or feel restrictive on space. There are numerous floor plans that facilitate functional use of space and provide an optimal living area for a full spectrum of buyers.

This is one reason why it is important to work with a Calgary inner city real estate specialist when shopping for an infill home as their experience and advice will be invaluable in finding the best property for your needs.

Learn more about everything to do with infill homes via our guides below:

Inner City Real Estate Tips & Guides

Questions about Infills?

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