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Calgary Inner City Buyers Guide – What is an “Infill” Home?

What is an Infill Home Anyways?New Infill Home Calgary Inner City Hillhurst

The term “infill” correctly describes a form of development where a new home is built on an older lot and the old structure is removed. Hence, the existing lot is “filled in” with something new.

These new inner city homes are constructed in communities that typically were established many years ago. For Calgary, most of these areas were born in in the post-war era (WWII), in the late 1940’s to early 1960’s. See them here:

Infill Characteristicsinfill homes Calgary

When most people think of an infill home, there are a few characteristics that immediately come to mind such as:

  • they are tall and thin
  • have modern or contemporary design
  • are in close proximity to the downtown core

These three things are definitely typical of inner city homes in Calgary, but are not always true.

There are many bigger homes that may occupy larger (or multiple) lots for additional home style and spacing opportunities that can also be included in the infill home category.

Attached vs. Detached

Infills typically come in either an attached or detached layout. An attached inner city home looks like the picture above and to the right, with a common wall between the two properties. Detached are single entities without attachment to any other units.

Learn more at Calgary Inner City Buyers Guide – Attached vs. Detached today.

Buying an InfillHelpful tips

Buying an infill has many benefits including a prime inner city location and walkability factor. See several more of these at the 10 Benefits of Living an Inner City Lifestyle today.

Its important to remember that buying an infill home doesn’t mean that the floor plan has to be skinny and tall or feel restrictive on space.

There are numerous floor plans that facilitate a functional use of space and provide an optimal living area for a full spectrum of buyers.

This is one reason why it is important to work with a Calgary inner city real estate specialist when shopping for an infill home as his or her expertise, experience and advice is invaluable in finding the best home for your needs.

Quick Reasons to Buy an Inner City Infill Home:

  • Quick-and-easy accessibility to the downtown area
  • Amenities and services are plentiful in number
  • Inner city property tends to appreciate in value rather than depreciate
  • Access to an extensive network of green spaces, river pathways and recreational centres
  • Entertainment and nightlife all found in the area and closeby
  • More time to live instead of wasting time spent in traffic jams to and from suburbia
  • Save time from shorter commutes plus abundant public transportation
  • Mature, lush vegetation and trees and an abundance of park space
  • Population density is higher and access to downtown is convenient

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