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3 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Garrison Woods

Why Should You Buy a Home in Garrison Woods?

home in garrison woods, southwest calgary alberta

Garrison Woods is a popular inner city community in the southwest. What makes this neighbourhood such a hit with locals?

Garrison Woods residents enjoy the same benefits that their neighbours in Altadore do. After all, these communities are side-by-side and Garrison Woods makes a great alternative while providing more options if you just can’t find a home in Altadore.

So what are these “benefits” we speak of, anyways? Here’s a few reasons why Garrison Woods may just be the right community for you.

#1 – Nearby Amenities in Marda Loop

nho saigon marda loop southwest calgary alberta vietnamese restaurant

Pho Peanut Satay Beef at Nho Saigon

Imagine living within a few minutes’ drive from more than a hundred restaurants, shops and services all concentrated along a few streets. You could literally bang off a few errands on the way home and not even sweat it.

Convenience is an extremely important aspect for inner city home buyers in today’s market. The popularity of Garrison Woods, Altadore and South Calgary, for example, as inner city communities stems from having quick-and-easy access to the Marda Loop Business Improvement Area (BIA).

So, what will you find in Marda Loop that’s worth while? Here’s a few of our favourites that we’re sure you’ll find convenient to live within minutes away from:

  • Safeway
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Merchants
  • Petro-Canada
  • Starbucks
  • Village Ice Cream
  • Nho Saigon
  • Circle K
  • TD Bank
  • ATB Financial
  • Globefish Sushi
  • Belmont Diner
  • Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar

Also see these Top 5 Restaurants in Altadore.

#2 – Access to Elbow River Parks & Pathways

It’s a treat to live near one of the rivers in Calgary. They are the only waterways in the city apart from man-made lakes and provide leisure and recreation like you’ll find no where else in Calgary.

If you live in Garrison Woods, you can reach the Elbow River and the parks and pathways that run along its embankments just a few blocks to the east. Walking may take you 15 to 20 minutes from the furthest point away in the community, while driving there takes just a few.

Some of the parks you’ll have quick-and-easy access to when living in Garrison Woods:

River Park

This beautiful 21-hectare park features paved pathways and designated off-leash areas. In the summer time, you could say it’s a social club, where both dogs and people get to meet new friends or visit old ones.

River Park is currently in the process of being redeveloped. Not to worry, most of its walkways and areas are open for public use.

Altadore Park

Altadore Park is another stunning green space just west of Garrison Woods where you’ll find open fields, river access, picnic benches and lots more.

Varying elevations in this park make for some spectacular views. Access to the other side of the river (or Riverdale Park) is made possible by a recently built bridge that acts as a focal point for water activities, picnics and leisure around the river.

Sandy Beach Park

Unfortunately there’s no sand or beach at Sandy Beach Park. Don’t worry, this beautiful park has lots else including a children’s playground, fenced areas and paved pathways that lead down to the Elbow River as well as to the crossing bridge.

Sandy Beach Park also has many picnic areas and shelters, playground areas, firepits, BBQ stands and even a dog water fountain which is seasonal along with public bathrooms.

Weaselhead Flats Natural Area

Don’t forget about the river pathways that head north towards downtown and south towards the Glenmore Reservoir. A bit further past the reservoir you’ll find Weaselhead Flats Natural Area, a beautiful wetland that the Elbow River meanders through upon entering the city of Calgary.

Many locals love Weaselhead Flats Natural Area for the diverse species of birds and other wildlife. Others use it purely for fitness activities and dog-walking. Nonetheless, no matter why people use it, this natural area truly is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city not far away from home in the inner city.

If you live an active lifestyle, I think you could see why living in Garrison Woods would be advantageous to say the least.

#3 – Diversity of Real Estate to Choose FromInner City Homes Calgary Infills

From million-dollar infills to new construction condos to townhome developments, Garrison Woods has a little bit of something for everyone!

The north end of Garrison Woods is where you’ll find most multi-family homes because that’s where Marda Loop is. Zoning for these areas are different than in the south part of the community which consists almost entirely of duplexes, townhomes and attached / detached single-family properties.

New infill and townhome developments are popping up everywhere in Garrison Woods, offering the best of the best in new home construction from some of Calgary’s best custom home builders.

The portfolio of new and resale real estate in this community provides an excellent opportunity and wide range of options for buyers from all walks of life.

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