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Calgary Inner City Homes

Calgary Inner City Infill Homes and Communities

Calgary Inner City Homes Infills

Calgary inner city homes are one of the most sought after types residences in the city.

Located in well-established communities which have limited space, these homes are as exclusive as they are desirable.

New Infills, Location

Many inner city communities in Calgary have experienced a renewal through new infills and redevelopment projects where their entire look and feel have changed by a gradual transition from older homes to sophisticated and outright luxurious infills.

Apart from new inner city homes, what makes these communities so popular is an amazing location close to…

  • Downtown
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Pathways
  • River
  • Public transportation
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping

…and every other amenity and service needed for comfortable and convenient living. Search all Calgary Inner City Homes now!

Homes and Communities

Let me introduce you to all of Calgary’s inner city homes and communities.

Inner City Skyline Calgary Alberta

Below you will find each and every neighbourhood has a link leading to information including home listings, schools, demographics, location, amenities and much more.

All you have to do is click the link!

If you have any questions about Calgary inner city homes, call me anytime or message me below for a prompt response.

Altadore homes for sale CalgaryAltadore – SW

Altadore is home to a wide variety of new infill homes and redevelopment opportunities.

The southwest community is one of the most sought after in the city because of its close proximity to the Elbow River and its parks / pathways, downtown and amenities. Learn more at Altadore Calgary Inner City Homes.

Banff Trail – NW

Banff Trail is a conveniently located inner city community in the city’s northwest, just off Crowchild Trail and 16th Avenue NW.

New infill homes in Banff Trail are typically lesser of a price point than in neighbourhoods found a few kilometres closer to downtown. Learn more about this up and coming area at our Banff Trail Community Review.

Bridgeland – NE

Bridgeland’s varying elevations and close proximity to the Bow River makes it a preferred living destination of choice for many infill and condo buyers.

A full selection of in-community amenities including an LRT station gives residents the opportunity to live a full-fledged walk able lifestyle. See home listings and community information at Bridgeland Calgary Inner City Homes.

Richmond Park Knob Hill Homes for SaleBriar Hill Hounsfield Heights – NW

Situated at the top of an escarpment that gradually declines towards downtown, some infill homes in Briar Hill Hounsfield Heights have breathtaking views of the city centre and surrounding areas.

Calgary inner city homes in Briar Hill Hounsfield Heights are some of the most desirable and priciest in the city. Learn more about this exclusive living opportunity at our Briar Hill Hounsfield Heights Community Review.

Cambrian Heights – NW

Found on the very tip of the northwest inner city area of Calgary is Cambrian Heights. This family oriented community has a very desirable setting just minutes from Confederation Park and Nose Hill which are two of Calgary’s largest outdoor recreational parks, all the while being only 10 minutes from the downtown core.

If you would like to know more about new infills, community location, school designations and more, please visit our Cambrian Heights Neighbourhood and Listings.

Capitol Hill – NW

Capitol Hill in the northwest offers residents all-inclusive recreational opportunities at Confederation Park found on its north border, the added conveniences of being only 10 minutes from downtown as well as nearby proximity to a plethora of amenities and services. Find out more at our Capitol Hill Community Review.

Currie Barracks – SW

Currie Barracks is the third and final phase of redevelopment by Canada Lands Company (CLC) of the old Canadian Forces Base.

Building upon the successes of the first two phases in Garrison, CLC has created one of the most exclusive and successful new community developments in the inner city. Learn more about this SAM Award winning neighbourhood at Currie Barracks Community Profile.

Attached infill home in CalgaryCrescent Heights – NW

Known for its panoramic vistas of downtown and high walk ability, Crescent Heights is one of the most popular areas for new Calgary inner city homes.

Proximity to the downtown business district doesn’t get any closer than when in Crescent Heights unless you were to live in the city core itself. Learn more at Crescent Heights Community Review.

Erlton – SE

Erlton is an up and coming infill community in the southeast with an amazing location and spectacular views of the downtown core.

Erlton homes typically cost less in comparison to other areas such as Briar Hill for example because of less availability and redevelopments, although the location makes it one community to look out for! See home listings and more at Erlton Calgary Inner City Homes.

Garrison Woods – SW

This area is the first of three phases of the Canadian Forces Base to be redeveloped by Canada Lands Company (CLC).

Inside you will find European like streetscapes with beautiful townhomes and single-family homes amid countless pathways, parks and War Memorials honoring our fallen Canadian heroes. Learn more about Garrison Woods Inner City Homes today.

Garrison Green – SW

This highly desirable community was part two of the three phase redevelopment of the Canadian Forces Base.

Much like its predecessor, Garrison Green has a well-thought out master plan combining tons of park areas, pathways and War Monuments seamlessly with beautiful single-family homes, townhomes and smaller, more affordable residences. Find out more at Garrison Green Calgary Inner City Homes today.

Cambrian Heights Inner City Infill Home CalgaryGlendale – SW

Glendale is an up and coming infill community in Calgary. It has much to offer residents including an abundance of recreational opportunities at Optimist Park, good connectivity through close by routes such as 17th Avenue SW, Sarcee Trail and Crowchild Trail as well as heaps of nearby amenities and services.

Glendale’s price points are typically less than in other areas which make it an affordable living opportunity in the inner city region. Find out more at our Glendale Community Review.

Hillhurst – NW

Hillhurst is at the top of the list for most sought after infill communities in the city.

Inside you will find Kensington, one of Calgary’s busiest outdoor shopping districts, as well as many new infill homes and renovation projects. Its riverside location places it just a 15 minute walk away from the downtown business core. Learn more at our Hillhurst Community Review.

Inglewood – SE

Inglewood is an up and coming neighbourhood with many redevelopment and land purchase opportunities located just minutes from the downtown core.

Infill homes in Inglewood typically cost less because of its own transition from an industrial to residential focused community. Regardless, it still has most of the bells and whistles that come along with inner city living. Learn more at our Inglewood Community Review.

Killarney Calgary Homes for SaleKillarney – SW

This southwest community has much to offer its residents. Close to outdoor recreation, just minutes from downtown, LRT station, close to amenities and services, main routes and beautiful new infill homes are but a few of the reasons why Killarney has become such a popular living destination. Find out more about Killarney Calgary Inner City Homes today.

Mount Pleasant – NW

Mount Pleasant is another infill community in the northwest providing a convenient lifestyle. Nearby is Confederation Park, 16th Avenue North, 10th Street NW, 4th Street NW while downtown is only about 10 minutes away.

Mount Pleasant has a wide range of infill homes and price points to choose from. Learn more at our Mount Pleasant Inner City Homes.

Parkdale – NW

Parkdale is one of the northwest’s most desirable neighbourhoods with several new infill homes and many resale opportunities.

Part of the community is situated on an escarpment with the Foothills Hospital at the top and provides some of its homes with breathtaking views of the city and surrounding regions. Learn more at Parkdale Calgary Inner City Homes today.

Sunnyside Calgary Inner City HomesRamsay – SE

Ramsay is one of the oldest communities in Calgary. Established in 1914, many of its homes are outdated and are being replaced by new infill developments.

Ramsay is an affordable way for buyers to live in an inner city home without paying a costly price. Learn more at our Ramsay Inner City Homes.

Renfrew – NE

Renfrew is an up and coming infill community in the northeast quadrant. Many of its post-war bungalow style homes are being replaced with new infill developments to keep up with the high demand.

Renfrew offers residents quick and easy access to the rest of the city via Deerfoot Trail and 16th Avenue and is only about 10 minutes from the city core. Find out more about Renfrew Calgary Inner City Homes today.

Richmond Park Knob Hill – SW

Richmond Park Knob Hill has experienced a resurgence of life through countless new infill homes and renovation projects within.

The communities’ location at the conjunction of 17th Avenue SW and Crowchild Trail gives residents convenient access to amenities, services and downtown. Find out more at our Richmond Park Knob Hill Community Review.

West Hillhurst Inner City Homes CalgaryRosedale – NW

Rosedale is a small infill community in the northwest quadrant situated at the top of the Bow Valley escarpment north of downtown.

Rosedale is a highly walk able neighbourhood. 16th Avenue, downtown, Kensington and Centre Street are all but a short walk away from any part of the neighbourhood. Find out more at our Rosedale Community Profile.

Rosscarrock – SW

Rosscarrock is an up and coming infill community where homes typically are more affordable in comparison to other areas such as Hillhurst. Rosscarrock has special building designations in place allowing for single-detached, semi-detached and duplex homes only.

It is a good place to live for those looking to get their foot into the inner city region without a hefty price tag. Learn more at our Rosscarrock Community Profile.

Spruce Cliff – SW

Spruce Cliff inner city homes offer buyers quick access to downtown, the Bow River, public transit and hectares upon hectares of park area. Some Spruce Cliff homes have beautiful panoramic views of downtown and northern parts of the city. Learn more about Spruce Cliff Calgary Inner City Homes today.

Scarboro Calgary Community HomesScarboro – SW

Scarboro is an affluent neighbourhood just minutes from the downtown core. When it was established in the early 1900’s the city put a restriction to allow residential developments only in Scarboro, which still exists today.

Scarboro is one of the few inner city areas with some large property sizes and homes that veer away from the traditional skinny infill type. Learn more at our Scarboro Community Review.

South Calgary – SW

Apart from a wide variety of infill homes to choose from, this community offers a convenient lifestyle with tons of close by amenities, services and more found in Marda Loop, the Elbow River and 17th Avenue SW. Find out more today at our South Calgary Community Review.

Shaganappi – SW

Shaganappi is a smaller sized infill community in the southwest. A large section of the community is the Shaganappi Golf Course located on the northern tip of the Bow River Valley escarpment.

Close by is Westbrook Mall, 17th Avenue SW, downtown and the beltline, as well as the Bow River parks and pathways. Find out more about Shaganappi Calgary Inner City Homes today.

New Infill Construction CalgarySunnyside – NW

It doesn’t get much closer to the downtown business core than Sunnyside.

The community has maximum walk ability attracting many buyers who desire to live and play very close to work in the city core. Learn more about Sunnyside Calgary Inner City Homes today.

Tuxedo – NW / NE

Tuxedo is another up and coming infill community with several new infill homes and resale opportunities.

Situated north of 16th Avenue and split down the middle by Centre Street, residents have ample access to a wide variety of amenities and services found along these city corridors and are only a short drive away from downtown. Find out more at our Tuxedo Calgary Community Review.

Westgate – SW

Westgate is another up and coming inner city area just 10 minutes west of downtown.

Many of its homes remain bungalow style properties but are aging, leading to new infill developments as the years pass.

Residents can enjoy the convenience of 17th Avenue SW and Westbrook Mall amenities as well as the short walk to the west LRT terminal and Bow River pathways. Learn more today at Westgate Calgary Community and Home Listings.

West Hillhurst – NW

West Hillhurst is one of the most redeveloped inner city communities in Calgary. Several new infills are underway in the neighbourhood offering buyers a wide range of home styles, features and prices to choose from.

Some desirable features include adjacency to the Bow River, decent walk ability and very close proximity to the downtown core. Learn more about West Hillhurst Calgary Inner City Homes today!

Calgary inner city homes for sale RemaxAren’t too sure about which of these communities is the best for you and your family?

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Also be sure to check out our Calgary Inner City Buyers Guide for some helpful tips.

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