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10 Benefits of the Inner City Lifestyle in Calgary

What’s So Awesome about Inner City Living in Calgary?inner city realtor remax real estate agent cody battershill

Living an inner city lifestyle in Calgary has many benefits such as accessibility to downtown, amenities and entertainment to name a few. These, among the others listed below, are part and parcel of the high demand for Calgary inner city real estate and why so many love to call the area home.

We have put together a list of 10 reasons why inner city living in Calgary may just be for you! What is your favourite thing about living inner city that we have missed? Let us know and we will add it to our list!

#1 – Accessibility to DowntownPeace Bridge Summer Calgary Alberta

If you work in or near the city centre, then lets face it, it’s more than beneficial to live downtown or as close to it as you can. Many urban professionals choose to live an inner city lifestyle in Calgary simply because getting to and from work means a short walk or bike ride and missing out on traffic all together.

Many of downtown’s businesses are amenity or service oriented which means you’ll also have quick-and-easy access to all of them, as well as those found in the Beltline communities:

Another thing to consider is that many people tend to meet in the downtown or inner city areas for social events in Calgary because that’s where the city’s best entertainment and nightlife venues are. Never again do you have to pass up on meeting friends because the drive is too far and you don’t feel like making the journey.

#2 – Amenities, Everywhere

With over a 1000 retail stores and 3,500 businesses in downtown Calgary alone, you shouldn’t have to travel far to get what you need.

Make your way to one of the indoor shopping centres located in the city centre and avoid the weather outside entirely using the world’s most extensive +15 walkway system that extends approximately 16km in and around downtown!

There’s even more in the inner city in areas such as:

These vibrant areas are the site of many year-round festivals that make the city come alive, especially during the spring and summer months. Access to these areas is especially easy if you live inner city because of the effective public transportation routes that connect many communities to one another with ease.

#3 – EntertainmentCalgary Clubs Nightlife Nighttime

Much of Calgary’s best entertainment and nightlife venues are found in the inner city and downtown areas.

Have a delicious meal at one of Calgary’s finest restaurants, enjoy a show at one of many theatres or perhaps make your way to one of Calgary’s best night life spots all just a short walk or drive away.

#4 – Potential Appreciation

As a home buyer, sometimes it can be intimidating when browsing MLS® listings because of the higher prices associated with inner city real estate compared to their suburban counterparts.

However, the potential for appreciation – assuming market conditions are ideal – is something to consider. An inner city home typically will appreciate better than a similar property found in a suburban neighbourhood because the demand for its land and location is always high.

Also, because buying an inner city home costs more initially, if benchmark prices go up 2.5% within a year you’ll make more money on your home compared to a similar property in suburbia. Benchmark prices don’t always increase linearly for all residential sectors and communities within the city, but the chance for greater potential appreciation is there.

#5 – Recreation and LeisureTalisman Centre Calgary Alberta Canada

There are a ton of parks and recreation spots – some of the best our city has to offer – in the inner city and downtown areas. Some of these include:

  • Eau Claire Market Grounds
  • Shaw Millennium Park
  • Prince’s Island Park
  • St. Patrick’s Island
  • Riley Park
  • Olympic Plaza
  • Central Memorial Park
  • Stampede Grounds

Plus, don’t forget quick-and-easy access to the Bow and Elbow River pathways where you’ll find places like the all-inclusive sports and fitness facility Repsol Sport Centre.

#6 – More Time

Instead of spending that extra hour getting to and from work every day stuck in traffic, you could be at the gym, with your kids or working on that project before the deadline comes. Chances are if your meeting family, friends or associates you might have to commute to downtown or the inner city anyways for the meeting.

Living an inner city lifestyle means you can say goodbye to the long commutes and wasted life sitting in traffic and spend more time doing what is important to you.

#7 – Save Money15 Ways to Increase Your Homes Value

The thousands of dollars that you would save on gas and vehicle maintenance from wear and tear each year could be put towards something more meaningful. Something, anything you’d like – just think of the possibilities!

Public transportation routes cover all bases for inner Calgary neighbourhoods and can get you anywhere you need to go, that is of course if you don’t feel like walking or driving yourself!

#8 – Diversity

The character of any city is typically more concentrated and experienced within the downtown and inner city regions. The same is true for our city.

Calgary’s diverse population contributes immensely to the weekly activities, events and festivals you’ll find in the inner city and downtown areas especially in business revitalization zones like Marda Loop and Kensington.

Live close to the most culturally diverse area of Calgary and experience something new every day!

#9 – Population DensityI love Calgary

The inner city has a higher population density which enables you to live with less and do more. From meeting your neighbours and getting involved in your community to trying out new and exciting activities at the corner studio, Calgary’s inner city and downtown is where the action is.

#10 – Mature, Lush Vegetation

Inner city areas have mature trees and vegetation that not only provide increased privacy, but also contribute to the overall feel of your property and living experience as a whole.

More Inner City

Are you thinking about switching over to an inner city lifestyle in Calgary sometime soon? If so, we invite you to see our complete Calgary Inner City Home Buyers Guide for several tips that will help you through your next purchase!

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