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Alberta Housing Starts Show Positive Signs at End of 2016

Positive Outlook for Alberta New Home Starts to End 2016 New housing starts are a great indicator of Alberta’s economic health as it gauges both consumer confidence and potential future retail spending on things such as home décor, appliances and furniture. According to ATB Financial’s The Owl, December saw the third highest … [Read more...]

Calgary Ranks 4th for Highest Average Household Income in Canada

Latest Economic Downturn Takes a Hit on Calgary's Average Household Income Back in 2010, Avenue Magazine’s May edition reported that there were 215.8 millionaires in Calgary for every 100,000 people. At the time, this was the highest concentration in Canada. Toronto came in a distant second at 97.7 millionaires per 100,000 … [Read more...]

Alberta Restaurant & Bar Receipts Remain High (Fall 2016)

Alberta Restaurant & Bar Tabs Keep Up Despite Economy How are restaurant and bars doing considering the current economic recession in Alberta? You’d think that the food and drink industry would be hit like several other sectors of the economy, right? Well, guess again! Albertans are still spending at restaurants and bars … [Read more...]

Alberta Post-Secondary Education: Does it Pay Off?

Does Post-Secondary Education Help You Get a Job in Alberta? Does getting a post-secondary education pay off when it comes to finding a job? It may cost you tens of thousands of dollars to put yourself through a post-secondary program in Alberta, but according to the according to ATB Financial’s The Owl, it is well worth … [Read more...]

Alberta Home Renovation Spending is High

More Albertans are Choosing to Renovate... Instead of Buy Alberta’s residential housing markets are for the most part on a downward slide when it comes to benchmark prices and new housing starts. But where there is a lack of interest to buy real estate from many Albertans, an enthusiasm for home renovations have taken stead, … [Read more...]

Alberta’s Best Customer: Guess Who?

The United States is our Top Export Buyer - of Course! Our friendly neighbours down south are by far the best customer that Alberta has when it comes to trade exports. The Americans bought a whopping $80.5 billion worth of goods from our province in 2015 representing a good chunk of all of Alberta’s international exports – at … [Read more...]

Despite Economy, Alberta Restaurant & Bar Spending Stable

Restaurant & Bar Receipts Remain Stable Compared to Last Year There’s one economic indicator tied to personal consumption that is doing quite alright while others, such as new vehicle purchases, retail sales and housing starts, are slumping during Alberta’s current downturn - that is no other than restaurant and bar … [Read more...]

Alberta: Canada’s Population Powerhouse

Alberta: Canada’s Population Powerhouse Alberta`s population has continued to increase as of late due to immigration even though low energy prices have led to decreasing employment opportunities in many of the provinces industries. There basically are three ways that the population of any province can increase (or decrease): … [Read more...]

Alberta Job Opportunities Increase in February 2016

Alberta Sees a Small Growth in Number of Jobs Last Month Alberta surprisingly saw an increase in the amount of job opportunities available in February of 2016. It was the first time in five months where such a thing had actually happened in the province! What’s more encouraging is that there was gain in full-time work … [Read more...]

Alberta’s Population Keeps Growing Regardless of Energy Prices

Alberta's Population Growth is Slowing, but not Stopping... The most recent population figures released by Statistics Canada concerning Alberta show that the province is still, in fact, getting larger in number despite a slumping economy tied to low energy prices. See our previous post at Despite Economy, Alberta’s Population … [Read more...]