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Calgary's richest neighbourhoods - top 20

Top 20 Richest Neighbourhoods in Calgary

What are the richest neighbourhoods in Calgary? While there are several upscale and affluent communities across the city, only a handful stand out as the "richest" of them all. Calgary's most expensive communities typically share a handful...

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fun facts about infill homes in Calgary

7 Must-Know Facts About Infill Homes in Calgary

What is there to know about infill homes in Calgary? Lots, to say the least, which is why some real estate agents (like us) have created entire guides for inner city infills to help buyers along the way in their next transaction. Regardl...

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Trinity Hills community infographic calgary

5 Things We Know About Trinity Hills Community

Trinity Hills: 5 Facts on the Urban Village Have you heard about Trinity Hills, a new community coming soon to the west of Calgary? Located near WinSport (a.k.a Canada Olympic Park) on the Trans Canada Highway as you head towards the mount...

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five-year rule for buying a home in calgary

What is the “Five-Year” Rule for Homebuyers?

Guide to the "Five-Year" Rule for Homebuyers Are you thinking about buying a home or condo in Calgary sometime soon? If so, you may have heard about the concept of the 'five-year rule.' While not everyone fully understands it, it's an import...

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