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How to Choose the Right Real Estate Lawyer for the Job cover

How to Find the Right Real Estate Lawyer

Guide to Choosing the Right Real Estate Lawyer Buying or selling real estate requires you to make a lot of important decisions. Apart from choosing the type of property, community and other features during your home search, you’ll also w...

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five benefits of investing in a fourplex property

5 Benefits of Investing in a Fourplex Property

Why should you consider buying a fourplex? You might have heard that investing in this type of property is a good idea for several reasons. But why? For starters, the building contains four separate residential dwellings and listings can...

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downtown calgary plus 15 walkway facts

20+ Fun Facts on Calgary’s Plus 15 Skywalk System

What is Calgary's +15 Network? Also known as Calgary's "Skywalk," the downtown core's network of +15 walkways is one of the most extensive of its kind. Spanning a distance of more than 16 kilometres and consisting of more than 86 interconn...

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What is an agent in real estate

What is an Agent in Real Estate?

What is an “Agent” in Real Estate? The term “Agent” in the real estate sector, in its simplest form, is a person who has been given authorization by another person to act on their behalf. This “agent” definition may be used a f...

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top 10 restaurants in Marda Loop

Best Marda Loop Restaurants in Calgary

Top 10 Restaurants in Marda Loop Marda Loop isn't just one of the best districts to live in or close to in Calgary, it is also home to some of the best restaurants around! Whether you're living in Garrison Woods, Altadore, South Calga...

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