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WURST Calgary Restaurant Review

Calgaryism's WURST Restaurant Review... the BEST! I don’t know how I haven’t made a restaurant review for WURST yet; it’s been one of my favourite mission food and drink restaurants for quite some time. Having said that, whether you are in for some gourmet pub-style food or just want to try one of the special beers on tap - … [Read more...]

Fusion Sushi Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review

Fusion Sushi Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review Rather than sticking to my old sushi favourites, this time I decided to try something new. It just so happened that Fusion Sushi in Kensington was around the corner when the hunger kicked in so we stopped by for a bite. Half of the time a spontaneous drop-in to an unbeknownst … [Read more...]

1 Pot Calgary Restaurant Review

1 Pot (Hot Pot) Calgary Restaurant Review For those of you who love trying new things, 1 Pot in Chinatown (directly north of Dragon City Mall) should be one restaurant on the top of your “visit” list. But hey, you may be a seasoned hot pot vet like I am and just love the type of customized dining experience it brings. Either … [Read more...]

Burger 320 Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review

Burger 320 Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review I didn’t expect any less than primo burgers and fries from Burger 320’s second Calgary location in the Kensington BRZ - and that is exactly what I got on my latest trip down to this top-notch burger joint. Sitting inside its much more spacious interior compared to its Bridgeland … [Read more...]

Top 3 New Restaurants in Kensington YYC (2015)

3 Top-Notch New Restaurants in the Kensington BRZ There’s a lot going on in the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone as of late. Not only are a handful of new condominium developments on the rise, but also a bunch of restaurants have opened as well that have made a lasting impact on those that venture into their doors for … [Read more...]

Native Tongues Taqueria Calgary Restaurant Review

Native Tongues Taqueria Calgary Restaurant Review If I could eat out at one restaurant every single day without having to keep my weight in check, Native Tongues Taqueria would be it! I’m not saying that this new Mexican restaurant serves unhealthy food, but just that everything I had was so good that I couldn’t get enough of … [Read more...]

3 Outstanding New Food & Drink Establishments in Calgary You Got to Try!

You ARE Missing Out if You Haven't Been to These Three Places! I believe that once you step into foodie territory, there’s no going back. It’s exciting actually, to always be on the look-out for new dishes that will rock your socks off and these three restaurants below just did exactly that when I visited each of them. If you … [Read more...]

Ikemen Ramen Bar Calgary Restaurant Review

Ikemen Ramen Bar Calgary Restaurant Review Boy, oh boy… if you’re a fan of Japanese ramen noodles by any means then you will definitely want to put Ikemen Ramen Bar on your bucket list of to-try places in Calgary. Let’s just say that both Menyatai and Muku – two other Japanese ramen restaurants in the Kensington area - now … [Read more...]

Remembrance Day BBQ for Military Heroes at Bookers

A Real BBQ for Real Canadian Heroes at Bookers!! Calgary, AB (October 29, 2015) – With the success of Real BBQ for Real Heroes over the last two years, Bookers BBQ + Crab Shack has decided to do it again! All-you-can-eat ribs for free to Calgary’s military heroes!! Bookers offers free grub to veterans and those currently … [Read more...]

Bluefin Sushi Calgary Restaurant Review

Bluefin Sushi Calgary Restaurant Review There aren't many all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in Calgary that are as good as Bluefin when it comes to quality and taste. Heck, this place even has other cuisines like Chinese, thai and even an assortment of western cuisines to choose from just in case you for some reason you … [Read more...]

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