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Hayden Block Calgary Restaurant Review

Hayden Block Smokehouse & Whiskey Calgary Restaurant Review I don’t think there could’ve been a better replacement for the Kensington District’s Yardhouse – may it rest in peace – other than the authentic Central Texas barbecue house called Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey. This is exactly the kind of food & drink … [Read more...]

Vero Bistro Moderne Calgary Brunch Review

Vero Bistro... Gourmet Brunch in the Heart of Kensington When it comes to gourmet breakfast and brunch in Calgary, there are few places that do it better than Vero Bistro Moderne – no kidding! I was totally blown away by the high quality and delicious taste of their steak and eggs, not to mention the salivating that occurred … [Read more...]

Eats of Asia Calgary Food Review

Eats of Asia Calgary Food Review (at Crossroads Market) Crossroads Market is full of wonderful surprises! From fresh and healthy farm produce to rare sports collecting / trading booths, there’s a little bit of something here for everyone. That includes places like Eats of Asia, a small eatery located near the public bathrooms … [Read more...]

Calgaryism’s Favourite “Chicken Wings Wednesdays” Restaurants

Best Chicken Wing Wednesdays Restaurants in Calgary, Alberta I don’t know about you, but when Wednesday rolls around I am usually scrolling through my contact list to see who’s up for some chicken wings and beer. After all, you can’t beat how cheap wings are on this very special day that every foodie and their cousin have … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Green Basil

Calgary Hidden Gems – Green Basil Instead of a restaurant review I have chosen to name Green Basil – a Vietnamese and Thai fusion restaurant on Macleod Trail SW – one of Calgary’s hidden gems. Why, might you ask? First things first; this food and drink establishment is about as hidden as it gets from the main street, being … [Read more...]

Pho Anh Calgary Vietnamese Restaurant Review

Calgaryism's Pho Anh Vietnamese Restaurant Review I am always delighted to find another quality Vietnamese pho restaurant in Calgary, especially when it’s in suburban areas where I don’t dine all the time and can keep in mind for the next time I’m hungry and close by. My friend had mentioned that he usually goes to this great … [Read more...]

Oishii Sushi Riverbend “All-You-Can-Eat” Sushi Review

Oishii Riverbend “All-You-Can-Eat” Sushi Review I’m always a bit skeptical of all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants in Calgary simply because I find the quality of ingredients to be a bit lower compared to some of my favourite local spots. Let’s just say that skepticism has been diminished greatly after visiting Oishii Sushi in … [Read more...]

Rose & Crown “Wings Wednesdays” Calgary Food Review

Calgaryism's “Wings Wednesdays” Food Review: Rose & Crown Found just north off of 17th Avenue (a.k.a. the “Red Mile”) along 4th Street SW is the Rose & Crown Traditional Pub & Restaurant. This place is really hard to miss considering that its structure was originally built in the 1920’s as a funeral home but over … [Read more...]

3 Outstanding Restaurants in Calgary’s Chinatown

3 of Calgaryism's Most Recommended Chinatown Restaurants Chinatown’s diversity of quality Asian restaurants can sometimes make it hard to choose which one to eat at. I guess it boils down to the mood you’re in or craving you have at the moment, although any one of these restaurants I suggest would hit the spot just … [Read more...]

Wow Chicken Calgary Restaurant Review

Wow Chicken Calgary Restaurant Review Wow Chicken really made me think… WOW, it’s amazing that fried chicken can be this good. Heck, I even caught myself blurting it out a few times while stuffing my face with the two chicken dishes we ordered. I have walked by this restaurant several times in the Kensington BRZ and thought … [Read more...]

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