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15+ Reasons Why to Consider Moving to Calgary, Alberta

Why Consider Moving to Calgary, Alberta? Are you thinking about moving to Calgary? If you don't know too much about "the heart of the new west," then you'll definitely want to check out these 19 reasons (and counting) why relocating to Calgary may be of interest to you! Moving to another city or province can be a … [Read more...]

Canada: By the Numbers

Canada Statistics: By the Numbers Everyone knows Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world. At 9,984,670 square kilometres, it's second in size to only Russia, a country which accounts for approximately 11 percent of all land in the world. But what about other cool number-related facts to do with Canada? We've … [Read more...]

Calgary’s 311 Municipal Hotline

Dial #311 to Reach Calgary's Community "Hot Line" 3 digit dialing was used only to call 9-1-1 to report life threatening emergencies until the City of Calgary implemented the 3-1-1 phone number back in 2005. 3-1-1 "Citizen Services" is everyone's single point of contact to municipal government information and non-emergency … [Read more...]

Calgary, Alberta… Home to the World’s Longest What?

Calgary - Home of the World's Longest +15 Network and Skylight Calgary is home to North America's largest network of paved pathways with over 700 kilometres We have the world's largest +15 network of its kind with 18km of walkways & 63 bridges We have one of Canada's largest urban parks - Fish Creek … [Read more...]

Calgary is the Wealthiest in Canada

Calgary Leads Toronto and Vancouver as Wealthiest in Canada Another great study out this week shows Calgarians are actually the wealthiest in the country. High net worth Calgarians, those with at least $500,000 in net worth average $3.3 Million versus only $2.2 Million for Toronto and $2.1 Million for Vancouver. Calgary has … [Read more...]

Moving to Calgary Relocation Guide

Moving to Calgary Relocation Guide A decision to move to an entirely different city is a important and big decision. Relocation to Calgary for an individual(s) could be for a number of different reasons. Was it because of a new job opportunity or perhaps a desire to live in a safer, more community oriented city like … [Read more...]

20 Reasons to Love Calgary

20 Reasons and Counting Why I Love Calgary! Also known as "The Heart of the New West", Calgary is located in Alberta, Canada at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and at the junction of the Bow and Elbow Rivers. Because of our location we get nice warm Chinook winds during the winters and we always have a lot of sun, in fact … [Read more...]

Calgary: Canada’s Economic Engine

Calgary Business and Economic facts and Figures Calgary #3 top - 10 major cities quality of life #10- top 10 Major Cities (against 405 cities in the Americas) FDI Magazine American Cities of the Future 2011-12 Calgary #3 overall (against 24 global cities) Global scorecard on Prosperity Toronto Board of Trade-2011 Calgary … [Read more...]

Calgary: Leading Ecological City

Calgary: World Leading Ecological City       Calgary is Canada’s sunniest city, averaging over 2400 hours a year of sunshine Calgarians enjoy it everyday! Calgary has the most extensive urban path and bikeway network in North America, stretching over 700km! Calgary was named the 5th best city to … [Read more...]

Calgary ranked one of Canada’s safest major cities

Calgary crime statistics - Ranked one of Canada's safest major cities   Macleans magazine released their annual ranking of crime in Canadaian cities. The study rates the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada. Using Statistics Canada information for crime statistics in 2010, with a focus on homicides, sexual assaults, … [Read more...]

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