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calgary courts centre downtown yyc skyscraper

Calgary Landmarks: Calgary Courts Centre (CCC)

Calgary Landmarks: Calgary Courts Centre (CCC) If you’ve ever been downtown to dispute a traffic or bylaw ticket, chances are you’ve been inside the Calgary Courts Centre. This is one Calgary Landmark you don’t want to visit if you don...

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calgary landmarks dominion bank building downtown calgary alberta

Calgary Landmarks – Dominion Bank Building

Calgary Landmarks - The Historical Dominion Bank Building When passersby’s unfamiliar with the history of Calgary see the old sandstone buildings standing in downtown such as the Dominion Bank, Fairmont Palliser Hotel or Knox United Church, ...

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Calgary Tower

Best Calgary Tourist Attractions

Best Tourist Spots, Sightseeing Locations & More in Calgary... Are you planning on visiting Calgary sometime in the near future? If so, it’s possible that you’ll want to know about the best local tourist attractions and what kind of ac...

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Lougheed House Calgary Landmarks

Calgary Landmarks – Lougheed House

Calgary Landmarks – Lougheed House Calgary’s beltline neighbourhoods are full of historical surprises, like the Lougheed House, for example, a local landmark that has an incredible story over its hundred and some odd years of existence. ...

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Best Calgary Tourist Attractions Calgary Tower Downtown

Calgary Tower: Tallest Building Until 1983

Calgary Tower Dominated City Skyline Until 1983 Check out this spectacular old-school photo of the Calgary Tower shortly after it was completed in 1968. It remained the tallest building in the City of Calgary at 191 metres tall until 1983 when...

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Calgary Landmarks – Dragon City Mall

Calgary Landmarks - Dragon City Mall in Chinatown, Downtown Chinatown, a cultural gem in the heart of downtown Calgary, is home to many unique restaurants, shops and services that never cease to amaze. It is also one of the oldest parts of ou...

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Calgary beltline

Calgary Landmarks – Saddledome

Calgary Landmarks – Saddledome This hockey arena / entertainment venue may just be the second most recognized Calgary landmark there is - next to the Calgary Tower of course. Completed in October of 1983, the arena is also one of the larg...

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Calgary Tower Downtown Landmarks

Evolution of the Calgary Tower

Evolution of the Calgary Tower Construction starts February 19th, 1967 An unprecedented 24 hour continuous pour of concrete Column is finished 24 days later At 190.8 metres (626 ft) tall it becomes the tallest of its kin...

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Calgary Landmarks Calgary Soldiers Memorial Drive

Calgary Landmarks – Calgary Soldiers Memorial

Calgary Landmarks – Calgary Soldiers Memorial It is one of the most meaningful Calgary landmarks there is, a memorial to honour some of the fallen Canadian soldiers who have lost their lives in military service and war overseas during the pa...

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