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Find Out What’s New at Century Gardens Park

West Downtown Park Project Almost Done! It’s taken quite a few years for the City of Calgary to finally move forward with plans to redevelop Century Park Gardens. For some, this west downtown park was a pleasant spot to eat on lunch break, a thoroughfare for the nearby C-Train station for others, and a sectioned-off … [Read more...]

Best Calgary Parks – Edgemont Hill

Edgemont Hill – Panoramic Views, Off-Leash Park Area If you frequently use Shaganappi Trail or John Laurier Boulevard to get to and from where you need to go, chances are that you’ve noticed the estate homes of Edgemont facing south and west off the elevated plateau inherent to the popular northwest community. I’ve always … [Read more...]

Best Calgary Parks – Baker Park

Baker Park - Riverside Activities, Landscaped Paths & Scenery Calgary is in no shortage of outdoor parks, especially along the Bow and Elbow Rivers where countless locals do their activities of choice no matter what time of the year it is. One of the best parks you'll see people out at rain, snow or shine is Baker Park. … [Read more...]

Best Calgary Parks – River Park

River Park - Panoramic Views, Off-Leash Zone, Riverside Fun Calgary’s abundance of green spaces and interconnecting pathways found all over the city is an attribute that many YYC residents have come to love and enjoy. River Park, located adjacent to the southwest community of Altadore, is a prime example of how much YYC’s … [Read more...]

Best Calgary Parks – Riley Park

Riley Park - Open Space, Children's Playground, Wading Pool Calgary’s numerous outdoor parks, green spaces and interconnecting pathways between are a definite highlight of living in the “Heart of the New West”. Riley Park, situated down the hill from SAIT Polytechnic and a half a block northwest of the Sunnyside LRT Station, … [Read more...]

Top 5 Calgary Dog Parks

Top 5 Calgary Dog Parks You (and Your Pet) Will Love Summer has finally arrived! Now we and our furry friends can enjoy those long, bright sunny day walks without layering up in winter gear. A Great City for Dogs Did you know that Calgary is home to over 700 kilometres of pathways and has the most off-leash land out of all … [Read more...]

History of Prince’s Island Park

The History of Our Beloved Prince’s Island Park Calgary has long been known for its abundance of green spaces found all over the city ranging from small community playgrounds to extensive river parks. One of the latter that is well known to many locals and perhaps may be the most visited of them all is no other than Prince’s … [Read more...]

Calgary Parks – Edworthy Park

Calgary Parks – Edworthy Park What would we do without our Calgary parks and pathways? Without them, our city would not be as glorious a place to live as it is today. One of these fine outdoor recreational areas we are so blessed to have in our city is Edworthy Park. Once you visit Edworthy Park you will see why many … [Read more...]

Calgary Parks – Edgemont Ravine

Calgary Parks - Edgemont Ravine Calgary parks are part of what makes living here so enjoyable to begin with. They are the interconnecting fabric between neighbourhoods, just like water is to the ocean, without them, no places to relax and enjoy the serenity of a natural landscape in the midst of a city community. A prime … [Read more...]

Calgary Parks – Bowness Park

Calgary Parks – Bowness Park Have you ever noticed all of those people floating down the Bow River during summer? While there are many locations along the Bow River for people to begin their journey, Bowness Park stands out as one of the best places in Calgary to do just that. But Bowness Park isn’t only a good place for … [Read more...]

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