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5 Security Tips for Condo Residents Leaving Home… For a While

5 Security Steps for Condo Residents Who Are Leaving Home…Victoria Park Condos Calgary

Do you live in a condominium and plan on travelling abroad sometime soon? If so, you may worry more about your home than others when going on a lengthy trip (and rightfully so), even if you live in a condominium which is typically a very safe type of residence.

After all, doors are typically key and / or fob access only and the high density of units makes it difficult for illegal activity such as break-ins to go unnoticed. Heck, sometimes it’s hard to not notice noisy neighbours and all their daily activities, but that’s a whole other topic we will leave for another time.

Regardless of how air-tight you think security is at your condominium building, you can never go wrong in taking a few simple steps to help when going away for a longer period of time.

Here are several tips for those condo owners who may just find themselves out-of-town for a while…

#1 – Get a house-sitterResale Calgary Condos graphic

Hiring a house-sitter is one of the best ways to keep things in order at home while you are away. This is especially so if you have anything living such as plants and pets that need to be looked after on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that hiring someone you know is likely the best option as you will already have some level of trust established with them and possibly might get a better rate compared to someone you don’t.

#2 – Stop-ins from family and / or friends

If having a house-sitter isn’t your thing, you could always just ask trusted friends and family to stop-in once or twice a week to make sure that nothing is wrong.

That way if a problem does arise, this person can then make the proper arrangements to solve whatever issue is at hand before you come back, such as reporting an attempted break-in, or fixing a leak in the kitchen and so on and so forth.

No one wants to deal with issues like these after arriving home from a long business trip or vacation!

#3 – Buy auto-timer light switchesVictoria Park Condo Realtor Calgary

It is easy to plug in a few of your lamps in different parts of your condo into automatic light switch timers that will turn them on and off throughout the day, preferably when it is dark outside.

This gives whoever may be “watching” your property the idea that someone is home.

Just make sure that you find timers with a random setting so that the lights don’t turn on at the same time.

#4 – Tell a neighbour you trust

Hopefully you have made a friend or two who live on the same floor who you trust enough to tell about your plans to leave for a while.

Let them know to keep an extra eye and ear out for anything suspicious; sometimes an investigating neighbour is all it takes for a potential break-in to be deterred.

#5 – Install an alarmCalgary condo specialist Remax Realtor

If your condo security is of the utmost importance and would prefer to not rely solely on a house-sitter or someone you know, then get an alarm system! Yes, it may cost you a bit of cash to set-up, install and pay for monthly, but will be worth it knowing that your place is as secure as can be when no one is there.

Don’t get me wrong, bi-weekly check-ups from family and friends is still a great way to go, but the alarm system will add that extra level of security that you may be looking for when half-way across the world.

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