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Best Patios in Calgary: 30 Patio Restaurants You’ll Love

  • March 1, 2022
  • By Cody Battershill

Best Patios in Calgary: Eat, Drink and Enjoy!

top 30 best patios in Calgary, Alberta

What are some of the best patios in Calgary? We’ve compiled a list of our absolute favourite patio destinations post-pandemic lockdowns, so you know these restaurants are still open for business!

Which places would be on your list of best Calgary patios? Let us know and we’ll add it to our growing list as soon as we can!

River Café


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A post shared by River Café (@rivercafeyyc)

  • Address – 25 Prince’s Island Park
  • Phone Number – 403-261-7670

Found on Prince’s Island Park, the River Café patio is perhaps THE best patio in Calgary hands down! That’s because you’re literally immersed by the sights and sounds of Prince’s Island Park - a true refuge from the concrete jungle of nearby downtown.

Enjoy sounds of tree leaves rustling in the wind, water rushing down the Bow River, birds chirping and geese quacking while eating gourmet menu items made with locally sourced / seasonal ingredients.

LuLu Bar


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A post shared by Lulu Bar (@thelulubar)

  • Address – 510 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-930-5707

LuLu Bar is one of the newest restaurants on 17th Avenue with one of the best patios in Calgary featuring a spacious seating section in an L shape running around the restaurant’s perimeter.

We really enjoyed this patio’s atmosphere with its open, airy feel and comfortable, spacious seating arrangement. The interior was also well designed for spring and summer weather – almost like a half patio - with sliding doors that create an open and wall-less interior that walks right out onto the patio.

Indulge in Asian / Pacific style cuisine on this summer patio and enjoy browsing an extensive drink menu of beers, wines and alcohols.

One Night Stan's


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A post shared by One Night Stan’s (@1nightstans)

Just a few storefronts down from Lulu is One Night Stan's, a youthful, vibrant and eclectic bar with one of the best patios in Calgary for people watching.

If you're lucky enough to get a seat on the patio, aim high - as in literally, as there are elevated patio stools facing onto 17th Avenue SW that make enjoying the sights of one of Calgary's busiest streetscapes a breeze.

Inside One Night Stan's you'll find a pub-like atmosphere with relatively limited seating capacity compared to other larger venues. Therefore, you'll want to arrive early and get a table for the crew before peak times, especially on weekends.

Trolly 5 Brewpub


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A post shared by Trolley 5 Brewpub (@trolley_5)

  • Address - 728 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number - 403-454-3731

This relatively new establishment has a superb double-floor patio - one above and one on ground level - with ample seating to go around. Like One Night Stan's, it is an excellent restaurant of choice to take in the sights of 17th Avenue SW in Calgary.

Trolly 5 Brewpub has great food and drink specials every day of the week and an extensive list of beer on draft, making it a great pub to watch the Flames game or visit after seeing them play at the dome.

Broken City


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A post shared by Broken City (@thebrokencity)

  • Address - 613 11th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number - 403-262-9976

Broken City is home to one of the best rooftop patios in Calgary where you'll find pub-style food and drink, plus live entertainment and full-on events at other times.

If people aren't eating on the rooftop, chances are there are at least people dancing and a wicked DJ party is going on - even on Thursdays!

This lively Beltline pub/restaurant/entertainment venue has all the working gears necessary to make your patio experience one of the best there is.

Modern Steak 8th Ave


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A post shared by Modern Steak YYC (@modernsteakca)

  • Address – 100 8th Avenue SE
  • Phone Number – 403-244-3600

If you love downtown rooftops, then Modern Steak's new patio is for you! We love this patio for its sunny vibes and comfortable booth seats, plus the views of the downtown core if you’re lucky enough to get a good spot.

Well known as one of the best patios in Calgary, space is limited at Modern Steak's rooftop so you’ll want to get a seat during non-peak times. On weekends, this rooftop patio is one of the most hype around.

UNA Pizza + Wine 17th Ave


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A post shared by UNA Pizza + Wine (@unacalgary)

  • Address - 618 17 Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-453-1183

What more could you ask for than spectacular pizza and an encyclopedic selection of wine, to enjoy on an outdoor patio that feels like a quaint European cafe?

Although small – and very busy during the summer patio season – if you can get a spot on the UNA Pizza + Wine patio it’s well worth it.

Enjoy one of UNA’s top-notch pizzas and tapas until 1:00 am nightly.

Craft Beer Market

  • Address – 345 10th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-514-2337

The recently renovated Craft Beer Market rooftop patio is out of this world.

Featuring a central roofed bar on the east and a more sunny sitting area to the west, this eclectic and modern rooftop is now one of the best patios in Calgary hands down.

Arrive early if you're looking to get a spot during the summer heat!

Earls Westhills

  • Address - 140 Stewart Green SW
  • Phone Number – 403-246-7171

Earls Westhills has an excellent patio space for groups of all sorts.

Whether you’re with the family, friends or co-workers, this patio space as comfortable as it gets with spacious seating, large tables and even larger table umbrellas.

It’s also sectioned off from the outside of the restaurant, providing more of a personal and intimate setting for you and company.

Earls Tin Palace


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A post shared by Earls Kitchen + Bar (@earlsrestaurant) on

  • Address - 2401 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-228-4141

Another one of Calgary's best patios is found at Earls Tin Palace in the heart of Cliff Bungalow / Mission.

With a handful of renovations starting in 2013 after the floods, this spacious patio has comfortable seats and an overhanging wall with lots of plants and other neat decor that makes it one of the best in the area.

The ambience is sectioned off from the streets of Mission and has a rustic Mediterranean feel, perfect for a summer drink!

Ship & Anchor


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A post shared by Ship&AnchorPub (@shipandanchorpub) on

  • Address – 534 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-245-3333

It’s by far one of the most popular patios on 17th Avenue SW.

During the summer, the Ship & Anchor pub is always packed to the max with an eclectic mix of faces both young and old.

This unique mix of people of all ages makes the Ship & Anchor Pub a great place for networking while having fun with people you do and do not know.

Container Bar


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A post shared by Container Bar (@containerbaryyc) on

  • Address – 1131 Kensington Road NW
  • Phone Number – 403-457-4148

This little bar is an a-typical patio destination in Kensington with pub-style food served out of a – you guessed it – shipping container.

Two rows of wooden tables are usually in the shade at Container Bar because of the taller buildings it sits between, making it the perfect spot if you’re trying to chit chat and escape the summer heat.

But evident from the picture above, it's not always like that either. You might just catch a few rays!

Joey Eau Claire

  • Address – 208 Barclay Parade SW
  • Phone Number – 403-263-6336

Joey Eau Claire without a doubt one of the best patios in downtown Calgary.

Spacious tables and comfortable seats on a spacious outdoor section makes for one of the best patio experiences in the city centre hands down.

All this just steps from RiverWalk, Bow River and Prince's Island Park.

Heating lamps and large umbrellas make sure you stay warm / cool depending on the weather, while Joey’s extensive drink and food menu keep the patio vibes going.

Charbar YYC


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A post shared by charbar (@charbar_yyc)

  • Address – 403-452-3115
  • Phone Number – 618 Confluence Way SE

Charbar YYC's rooftop at the Simmons Building in East Village is one of the best riverside patios in the city.

With epic views of the Bow River, RiverWalk and parkside areas, you’ll have a hard time staying any shorter than a few hours.

This is another spot that sees a lot of traffic. Try to make a reso or arrive during non-peak times to ensure your spot.

There's also curbside patio seating at the restaurant just incase you don't make it up to the top.

Ceili's on 17th


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A post shared by Ceilis Calgary DT (@ceiliscalgarydt)

  • Address – 933-A 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-265-1200

This outstanding pub restaurant has one of the most spacious patios on Uptown 17th Ave and has an excellent selection of food and drinks to boot.

Ceilis on 17th is also known for its lively atmosphere any day of the week, with daily food and drink specials great for any occasion.

If you want bang for your buck, you can’t miss this pub!



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A post shared by Alloy Dining (@alloydining) on

  • Address – 220 42nd Avenue SE
  • Phone Number – 403-287-9255

You might find Alloy’s location as strange as a pink giraffe. But it’s something you get used to and appreciate after a while, especially living in the south end of the city.

What Alloy lacks in location makes up for with its succulent food and romantic interior ambience, not to mention its lush, shaded patio space found along Macleod Trail South.

Make sure to check out this best romantic dinner restaurant and its seemingly limitless selection of wine.



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A post shared by Murrieta’s Bar & Grill Calgary (@murrietas_calgary) on

  • Address – 808 1st Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-269-7707

Murrieta’s has an epic patio section lining the side of the second story restaurant which overlooks Stephen Avenue Walk plus a rooftop patio section available for dining and private events.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of 8th Avenue SW below while indulging in some of the best pasta there is in the city.

This may just be the best people-watching patio in the city!

Vin Room – Mission


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A post shared by Vin Room Calgary (@vinroomyyc) on

  • Address – 2310 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-457-5522

This pet-friendly patio in the heart of Mission has an award-winning selection of wines and extensive list of tapas to choose from.

Heck, it even has a dog-friendly tasting menu just in case your furry friend wants some too!

Stroll down the 4th Street SW BIA after visiting Vin Room to poke your head into other nightlife and entertainment venues on the way to 17th Avenue SW.



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A post shared by Rouge Inglewood (@rougerestaurant) on

  • Address – 1240 8th Avenue SE
  • Phone Number – 403-531-2767

Found in Inglewood near the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Rouge’s patio backs out onto an expansive green space with lush vegetation.

This entire outdoor seating area is engulfed by the sound of rushing water, creating a relaxing ambience in the midst of the city centre.

Delicious, locally inspired menu items with a French twist make the food at this patio some of the best around.

After lunch or dinner at Rouge hop onto the RiverWalk just a few meters away and head to St. Patrick’s Island or perhaps west towards East Village.

Thomsons Kitchen & Bar


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A post shared by Hyatt Regency Calgary (@hyattcalgary) on

  • Address – 700 Centre Street SE
  • Phone Number – 403-717-1234

Found on Stephen Avenue Walk, there’s no better place to enjoy one of the best weekend breakfast / brunch buffets in the city than at this epic streetside patio.

Thomsons Restaurant has everything from gourmet benedict to custom omelettes ready to go. They even serve Tropicana as their juice!

It’s also a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown on a warm summers’ day.

Hayden Block


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A post shared by Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey (@haydenblockyyc) on

  • Address – 1136 Kensington Road NW
  • Phone Number – 403-283-3021

This pop-up patio is one of the best in Calgary because of its near-river location in the heart of the walkable and shop-able Kensington District.

It also has a back end patio with a roof that opens up during the spring and summer, doubling its patio space!

Try one of the meat trays that come with your choice of sides. Also try a wide selection of craft beers from local, national and international brewers.

After an hour or two on the patio, check out the river pathways or perhaps go for an ice cream down the street.

Sunterra Market Bar


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A post shared by Sunterra Market (@sunterramarket) on

  • Address – 200 12th Avenue SE
  • Phone Number – 403-261-6772

Sunterra Market Bar sets up a barbecue on the spacious second-story patio during the summer and cooks everything from beef, chicken and lamb offered in shockingly affordable lunch specials for around $10.

Found in the Keynote condo and office complex, there’s lots of patio space to go around while enjoying views of the surrounding Beltline.

We highly recommend checking out this best Calgary patio because of the wicked deals and also the health-oriented grocery shopping available on the bottom floor.

Chilitos Taberna

  • Address – 1309 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-228-5528

Chilitos Taberna is a favourite in town not only for its authentic Mexican cuisine, but also its hype patio that sits on the west end of 17th Avenue SW.

Enjoy a cold Mexican beer under large umbrellas and tables that can easily sit six people or more.

Bonterra Trattoria


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A post shared by Bonterra Trattoria (@bonterracalgary) on

  • Address – 1016 8th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-262-8480

Bonterra Trattoria’s patio is one of the best in Calgary to go to for enjoying authentic Italian cuisine while soaking up the summer heat.

The patio itself is a little oasis in the middle of the Beltline with superb décor and lush plant life all around. It truly is a little piece of Italy right here in Calgary.

On the backside of the restaurant is customer parking which makes it convenient to visit the restaurant without looking for a spot on the street.

The Living Room

  • Address – 514 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-228-9830

The Living Room is host to yet another one of the best Calgary patios on 17th Avenue SW.

Combine its classic French & Italian cuisines with a spacious patio section that’s dimly lit during the late evening and you also get one of the most romantic patios in the city.

Heating lamps and two fireplaces make sure you’ll stay warm too!

National on 8th


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A post shared by National on 8th (@ntnl8)

  • Address – #360, 225 8th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-237-5556

Located on the rooftop of the Scotia Centre in downtown, National on 8th Ave has one of the largest rootop patios in Calgary.

Ping pong tables and more than enough space to go around for dancing, wining and dining means this best patio in downtown Calgary should be on your bucket list.

Make sure to arrive early or get on guest list if you can for the rooftop as it’s always packed during our sweet but short patio season.

National on 10th


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A post shared by National on 10th (@ntnl10) on

  • Address – 341 10th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-474-2739

Like its sister developments, National on 10th Ave also has one of the best patios in Calgary located on the rooftop of the building.

Also like its sister developments, you’ll be hard pressed to get a spot during peak times so try to arrive early.

National on 17th


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A post shared by National on 17th (@ntnl17)

  • Address – 550 17th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-229-0226

National’s curb-side patio on the corner of 5th Street and 17th Avenue SW is great for soaking up some sun while enjoying the sights and sounds of Calgary’s most vibrant streetscape.

An impressive selection of drinks has quickly carried all National locations onto our list of best beer halls in Calgary.

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant is home to an absolutely stunning outdoor seating area which is definitely one of the absolute best patios in Calgary.

Also known as BVRR, this reputed restaurant is also well known for its gourmet menu that takes a large emphasis on regionally sourced ingredients for a truly authentic Canadian dining experience.

The restaurant's historic landmark building is found in Fish Creek Provincial Park, one of Canada's largest urban parks, making it the perfect place to stop in at after leisure and recreation activities.

Selkirk Grille


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A post shared by National on 17th (@ntnl17)

  • Address – 2437 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-245-2345

This casually Canadian, historically inspired restaurant has one of the most laid back patios you'll find in Calgary

Located in Heritage Park, it makes for the perfect summer patio lunch or dinner with the family while experiencing the sites and sounds of Heritage Park.

What is Your Favourite Patio in Calgary?

I Love Calgary Summer

What are your favourite patios in Calgary? Leave us a comment below and let us know so we can add it to our list of best patios in Calgary!

Until next time, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook for more of everything to do with Calgary restaurants, activities + events. See you there!