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Best Soup in Calgary: 10 Bowls You Must Try Now!

  • November 26, 2021
  • By Cody Battershill

Looking for the Best Soup in Calgary?

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Winter is here and there’s no better remedy for chilly weather than a hot bowl of the best soup in Calgary. Over the past few months in particular I’ve been on a huge soup-binge looking to warm my soul up from the chilly weather outside, going to all sorts of restaurants in search for the best bowls around.

What I’ve found is an incredible selection I just have to tell you about because they’re that delicious. Here’s my list of the best soup in Calgary, and stay tuned for more additions to come in the near future!

Chili Goma – Shiki Menya


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A post shared by Shiki Menya (@shikimenya)

  • Address – 824 1st Avenue NE
  • Phone – 403-454-2722

The chili goma is all the hype at Shiki Menya in Bridgeland, one of the best ramen restaurants in the city that serves only 200 to 250 bowls each day. Ingredients include Tokyo negi, spicy chopped pork with veggies, chili oil, sesame, peanuts and dried chilis. This best soup in Calgary brings the heat with its rich flavoured broth, so make sure you’re prepared for it with drink on hand!

Soup of the Day - Lazy Loaf & Kettle


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A post shared by Lazy Loaf & Kettle (@lazy_loaf)

Lazy Loaf and Kettle is one of the best cafes and bakeries in the city, and its delicious "soup of the day" is a testament to its reputation for good food and coffee all around. We absolutely love its homemade minestrone, although every soup of the day you'll order at this northwest cafe and bakery will warm your soul.

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen – Tekkotsu Ya


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A post shared by Tekkotsu Ya (@tekkotsuya)

Located in the deep southeast of the city, Tekkotsu Ya Ramen serves up some of the highest quality Japanese-style soup for the best price. The Tonkotsu Shoya in particular was very good with its not too sweet or rich broth and its perfectly cooked chasu. We highly recommend making the trip to this hidden gem.

Braised Oxtail French Onion Soup - Yellow Door Bistro


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A post shared by Yellow Door Bistro (@yellowdooryyc)

Located in Hotel Arts, Yellow Door Bistro serves up a unique take on the famous French onion soup. This sweet and rich bowl of soup is packed with tender chunks of bison meat and onions while the top is as you would expect - baked over with delicious cheese. This is an absolute must try for soup lovers in Calgary!

Pho Sate Soup – Pho Dau Bo Vietnamese


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A post shared by Vietnamese Kitchen YYC (@phodaubo)

Who hasn’t heard of Pho Dau Bo?! If that’s you, then you must plan to visit one of the best Vietnamese pho restaurants in the city! We absolutely love the spicy beef peanut sate soup which has some serious kick to it but is mellowed out by a sweet, peanut taste. If you’re really in for the full pho sate experience, try crushing up a few Thai chilis and mixing it into your bowl.

Sausage Minestrone - Spolumbo’s Deli

  • Address – 1308 9th Avenue SE
  • Phone – 403-264-6452

You won’t find a better bowl of minestrone soup for a better price anywhere in the city. You also won’t find many delis with as good of sandwiches or such a huge selection of take-home goodies like potato salads and meats either. As one of the most reputed homegrown brands around, Spolumbo’s is always a fair bet for some of the best soup and sandwiches in Calgary.

Tortilla Soup – Tres Marias Mexican Food Market

  • Address – 3514 19th Street SW
  • Phone – 403-243-5335

Tres Marias is a hidden gem in the Marda Loop area that serves up one of the best tortilla soups in Calgary. For under seven bucks you get a decent-sized bowl with a sweet but spicy tomato broth topped with goat cheese, sliced avocado and nacho chips for added crispiness. This place also has a variety of other homemade Mexican cuisines to try as well!

Soto Ayam – Indonesian Kitchen


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A post shared by Indonesian Kitchen (@indokitchenyyc)

Soto Ayam, an Indonesian Kitchen on 17th Avenue SE (International Avenue) is home to one of the best soups in Calgary! Loaded to the brim with veggies, ingredients include bean thread noodles, bean sprouts, chicken breast and boiled eggs in a smooth coconut milk accented broth with hints of lime, lemongrass, turmeric and ginger flavours.

Bulgogi Stew – Don Day Korean Restaurant


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A post shared by Donday (@donday_yyc)

  • Address – 909 7th Avenue SW
  • Phone – 403-718-0358

Don Day’s beef bulgogi stew might even be better than the spicy sausage. We say that because of the heartiness and healthiness of the ingredients and the fact that it’s easier on your stomach. The broth flavour was more sweet and the dish itself was loaded with a ton of veggies that made it quite filling. This could very well be the absolute favourite of mine on my list of best soup in Calgary.

Spicy Sausage Stew - Don Day Korean Restaurant

  • Address – 909 7th Avenue SW
  • Phone – 403-718-0358

The spicy sausage stew (it’s really a soup) at Don Day Korean restaurant is meant for two, but I’m no stranger to finishing it on my own every now and then - it’s just that good! This best soup/stew in Calgary comes loaded with ham, sliced sausage, vegetables (onions, mushrooms, lettuce, etc.), kimchi and ramen noodles in a special spicy house-made broth that’s so yummy, you’ll be addicted from the first sip.

What's Your Favourite Soup in Calgary?

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Let us know, and we'll do our best to add it to our list of best soup in Calgary! Also check out the rest of our Best in Calgary lists, and be sure to join us at Calgaryism on Facebook today. We are looking forward to seeing you there!